Derrick Easterling Lands A Brutal KO to Defend His Belt at URCC 30

August 12, 2017—Derrick Easterling maintained ownership of his URCC (Universal Reality Combat Championship) Flyweight Title on the opposite end of the Pacific Ocean at URCC 30.

Easterling set off a tsunami in the second round after sending shockwaves through the nervous system of Jiar Castillo, the number one challenger to Easterling’s reign.

Check out Easterling’s handiwork, perfected at Performance Fitness & Mixed Martial Arts in the Bay Area, from a clip produced by @Jolassandra:


Derrick Easterling: A Champion Making A Debut at URCC 30

At the onset of 2017, Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) crossed the Pacific Ocean and parked the Philippines based fight promotion in San Fransisco’s harbor. During this event, entitled URCC 29: Conquest, Derrick Easterling (6-3) claimed ownership of the vacant URCC Flyweight Championship with a second-round submission. At URCC 30, Easterling will travel west to defend his prizefighting keepsake.

On August 12, 2017, the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon, Philippines will fill to capacity to capture the clash of URCC’s Champion opposite the number one contender, Jiar ‘The Twister’ Castillo (2-3).

Since the bumpy start to Castillo’s career, he has reeled off a pair of successive victories. The shine of URCC gold caught Castillo’s eye, and he, along with his team at Xtreme Boxing Club, would prefer the 125-pound belt to remain on familiar soil.

Easterling will enter as the champ, but the audience may perceive him as a glorified enemy. Regardless of the cheers before the bell, the goal for Easterling in his debut to the tropical island, as is the case every time the cage door locks behind him, resides in action speaking louder than words, thereby hypnotizing the audience to sway in his favor. By implementing the game plan crafted in Easterling’s headquarters, Performance Fitness & Mixed Martial Arts, he will continue to dot the Pacific Rim with a rabid fanbase.

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Conquer 4 Weigh-In Results & Recap

The calories were already cut and the thought of another visit to the gym was the last thing on the minds of the mixed martial artists slated to appear on Conquer Fighting Championships’ fourth event, Conquer 4, yet each of the thirty combatants staggered into Performance Fitness & Mixed Martial Arts for the promotional weigh-ins.

In twenty-four hours—June 24, 2017, those hungry to refuel their systems are starving to dot the center of Conquer’s canvas before the eyes of everyone inside the Craneway Pavilion, home of Conquer FC, as well as the MMA enthusiasts logged into

Prior to shifting the needle on the scale, fighters filed into various lines, completing the paperwork and physicals required to receive the green light for tomorrow night. In addition to the typical check-up from doctors and inking the final lines of their contract, the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC), under their new set of guidelines to govern fighter safety, necessitated neurological testing, which, according to many of the fighters, left their heads spinning more than a concussive right hand. Examples of this testing included: connecting strings of letters and numbers on an iPad, reciting a series of given numbers—forward and backward, and demonstrating balance on a square, styrofoam surface.

Once all the amateur and professional fighters checked the necessary boxes, it was time to move one step closer to their feeding and step on the scale.

Conquer 4’s Weigh-In Results:


Dwight Maters (253) vs. Matt Zonfrello (261.8) for the C.A.M.O State Heavyweight Championship

Joseph Cardoso (191.7) vs. Joseph Kropschot (184.5) for the Amateur Conquer FC Middleweight Championship

Gavin Hallinan (171.3) vs. Michael Bueno (169.7) in the welterweight division

Bobby Seronio III (135.7) vs. Jonathan Merritt (not present) in the bantamweight division


Jeremiah Labiano (144.6) vs. Stephen Cervantes (144.8) for the Conquer FC Featherweight Championship

Shawn Bunch (134.6) vs. Rodrigo Lima (138.3) for the Conquer FC Bantamweight Championship

Fard Muhammad (130.8) vs. Windson Ramos (129.7) at a catchweight of 130-pounds

Roger Severson (140.4) vs. Cristian Giovannie (139.4) at a catchweight of 140-pounds

Lamar Reed (165.5) vs. Daniel McWilliams (165.5) at a catchweight of 165-pounds

JT Donaldson (145.4) vs. Matt Wagy (145.7) in the featherweight division

Mark Climaco (124.8) vs. Gene Cancino (123.3) in the flyweight division

Brian Wilkinson (125.3) vs. Steven Gruber (125.3) in the flyweight division

Mike Olson (135.3) vs. Nohelin Hernandez (135.5) in the bantamweight division

Fernando Costa (146) vs. Matt Aragoni (145.2) in the featherweight division

Garrett Marks (179.1) vs. Joaquin Lopez (179.7) in the welterweight division

Typically, an exit off the scale meant an entrance into a buffet line for these sunk in individuals. Unfortunately, Conquer 4’s roster, also in conjunction with CSAC’s 2017 mandates, must return on fight day without being more than eight-percent of their weight at registered on the scale.

Jaime ‘The Gentleman’ Mora: Defending His Belt at 559 Fights 57

A true gentleman doesn’t make you wait, and Jaime ‘The Gentleman’ Mora (6-0), as a champion amongst California’s amateur mixed martial artists, will demonstrate a professional courtesy by defending his 559 Fights Flyweight Title, in a timely manner.

As a flourishing prospect out of PFMMA (Performance Fitness Mixed Martial Arts) in the Bay Area, Mora confidently entered enemy territory—the Tower Theater in Fresno—and took the lead in his dance with Austin Liu to claim, via rear-naked choke in the first-round, the 559 Fights’ crown at 125-pounds while headlining 559 Fights 56 on May 26, 2017.

Next—July 14, 2017—Mora has scheduled a return to California’s Central Valley to retain his belt, as well as collect the C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) State Championship, against Paul Elizondo, an undefeated native of the region who doesn’t take kindly to strangers, at the Visalia Convention Center for 559 Fights 57.

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