559 Fights 59: Preview

559 Fights, an all-amateur MMA promotion that meets the gold standard, will continue its push to become a crowned jewel around the world in their upcoming show: 559 Fights 59: Gonzales vs. Maximov.

Nick Maximov

On September 16, 2017, 559 Fights 59 will create a vacuum of violence inside the Visalia Convention Center. As a proven commodity out of the Central Valley of California, a recent collaboration with FloCombat.com invites every corner of the globe to witness the development of up-and-coming mixed martial artists. Eleven pairs of athletes will fill opposing corner, and the top of the card should shine the brightest, as Albert Gonzales and Nick Maximov compete for the vacant 559 Fights Middleweight Title.

According to camomma.org (link here), 559 Fights 59 includes:

Albert Gonzales

Albert Gonzales vs. Nick Maximov for the vacant 559 Fights Middleweight Title

Isaiah Rocha vs. Izaiah Ozuna in the bantamweight division

Austin Liu vs. Michael Gall in the bantamweight division

Kathy Solorzano vs. Nadine Mandiau at a catchweight (under 115-pounds)

Yuni Valencia vs. Stephen Sandoval in the lightweight division

Wilton Zigler vs. Nick Badis in the lightweight division

Jacob Conde vs. Dereck Lee in the heavyweight division

Lisa Mauldin vs. Allison Oldfield in the bantamweight division

Gabrielle Lopez vs. Toodie Marshall at a catchweight (under 115-pounds)

Joseph Robinson vs. Edgar Avila in the lightweight division

Laura Anderson vs. Marylin Petrov in the bantamweight division

Whether you’re a fight fan within striking distance of the Visalia Convention Center or not, 559 Fights 59 is only a click away. For more information about tickets or streaming the event, go to 559fights.com.