Epic Fighting 36: Team Alpha Male vs. Jackson Wink MMA

Five of Team Alpha Male’s amateurs will load up the team bus and travel to the southern tip of California to meet the best that Jackson Wink MMA has to offer at Epic Fighting 36.

Epic Fighting, an all amateur MMA promotion housed in San Diego, has been experimenting with the concept of pitting one team against another. On November 10, 2017, Team Alpha Male, the elite squadron from Northern California, will assess where they fall in the pecking order of world class gyms by releasing their developing prospects from the nest to face New Mexico’s Jackson Wink MMA.

The representatives from Team Alpha Male include: David Klingsheim at flyweight, Amir Kazemi at bantamweight, Moses Daniyelyan at featherweight, Kaleio Romero at lightweight, and Daniel Zaragoza at middleweight.

If you’re unable to attend the Four Points Sheraton, pay close attention to the aftermath because in the last installment of Epic Fighting, the results were memorable. For instance, Kaleio Romero, in his first fight flying Team Alpha Male’s flag, suplexed his opponent into an unconscious state.

For tickets to and more information about Epic Fighting 36, go to: www.epicfighting.com.


War FC 1: Preview

On November 18, a battleground will be constructed and blood is expected to fertilize the soil when War Fighting Championship releases two amateur mixed martial artists at a time from their corner to collide with the force of an atom bomb in the heart of the Modesto Centre Plaza.

As posted at camomma.org (link here), War FC 1 includes:

Richard Treas vs. TBD in the heavyweight division

Ron Monahan vs. Nicholas Jurich in the cruiserweight division

Ryan Yates vs. TBD in the cruiserweight division

Salvador Martinez vs. Jared Velasquez in the middleweight division

Aaron Jimenez vs. Ismael Carranza in the middleweight division

Andres Villanueva vs. Edgar Rivera in the lightweight division

Chris Mitchell vs. Nicholas Sanchez in the lightweight division

Jerome Auttrey vs. TBD in the featherweight division

Shane Torres vs. Raul Godinez in the bantamweight division

Laura Anderson vs. Amanda Preciado in the bantamweight division

Nathan Gresham vs. David Vu in the flyweight division

Mike Tubera vs. Erick Pierre in the flyweight division

For more information and tickets to War FC 1, go to: www.eventbrite.com/e/war-fc-1-tickets.

NorCal MMA’s Preview of 559 Fights 60: Aguilar vs. Liu

A vista of violence returns to the Visalia Convention Center on November 4, 2017. Before the wide-eyed stares of onlookers, C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) licensed competitors will attempt to carve one another into pieces in the sixtieth edition of 559 Fights, 559 Fights 60: Aguilar vs. Liu.

559 Fights, California’s leading amateur MMA promotion, will crown champions in their lightweight, welterweight, and flyweight divisions, and the rush of excitement will surge through a stream provided by FloCombat.com.

Main Event: Anthony Aguilar vs. Austin Liu for the vacant 559 Fights Flyweight Title

Austin ‘The Dynasty’ Liu (4-2) wants to begin his legacy with a championship, and the strap at 559 Fights is a respected piece of hardware amongst amateurs. Throughout 2017, Liu split wins and losses between six fights. The 559 Fights Flyweight Title, which has escaped Liu’s grasp in the past, could reset the pattern of his record moving into 2018.

Anthony Aguilar (3-0), who trains at Dream Fight Shop, plans on creating the hopes and desires imagined behind his eyelids into a reality under the bright lights of 559 Fights. Finishing two of his three contests before the third, and final, air-horn, the undefeated prospect has demonstrated a willingness to work hard to have his hand raised.

Co-Main Event: Christian Avalos vs. Dustin Toby for the vacant 559 Fights Welterweight Title

Christian Avalos (3-0) began his journey in MMA earlier this year, debuting at 559 Fights 53, and could, potentially, end 2017 at the top of 559 Fights’ 170-pound heap. In Avalos’ three outings, all under the 559 Fights banner, he has already completed the trifecta of conclusions: a knockout, submission, and unanimous decision. Representing Ralph’s House Gym in Selma, Avalos intends on bringing home the belt.

Although Dustin Toby owns twice the experience of his counterpart, he has been inactive since 2015. By claiming ownership of the 559 Fights Welterweight Title, Toby will showcase: he was never tarnished by any ring rust nor the memory of a two-fight losing streak.

Feature Bout: Emilio Horta vs. Yuni Valencia for the 559 Fights Lightweight Title

After planting the flag of Flawless Victory MMA into the 559 Fights Lightweight Championship at 559 Fights 58, Emilio Horta (3-2) doesn’t plan on relinquishing ownership of his reign any time soon. Whether Horta’s hand is raised or not, his ‘kill or be killed’ mindset inches the audience toward the edge of their seat, as he’s never been dragged to a decision.

Yuni ‘Yunibomber’ Valencia (5-2) exploded into 2017 with two wins that ignited defeaning cheers from the crowd, one being an eighteen-second KO at 559 Fights 58. Challenging for his first title in MMA, the product of Team KO Training Center will blow the roof off the Visalia Convention Center with a win in his own backyard.

According to camomma.org (link here), 559 Fights 60’s fight card includes:

Anthony Aguilar vs. Austin Liu for the vacant 559 Fights Flyweight Title

Christian Avalos vs. Dustin Toby for the vacant 559 Fights Welterweight Title

Emilio Horta vs. Yuni Valencia for the 559 Fights Lightweight Title

Cartay P. Taylor vs. Jared Velasquez in the middleweight division

Freddy Tapia vs. Mark Felix in the featherweight division

Wilton Zigler vs. Daniel Campagna in the featherweight division

Stephen Sandoval vs. Marlon Watkins II in the lightweight division

Juliano Tovar vs. James Dixon in the lightweight division

Joseph Gaceta vs. Tony Charles in the light heavyweight division

Jacob Conde vs. Joshua Esparza in the heavyweight division

Brock Diaz vs. Terrill Williams in the lightweight division

TBD vs. Joshua Subjack in the middleweight division

Cameron Maddox vs. Martin Gomez in the featherweight division

Manuel Zachary Gutierrez vs. Isaac Chacon in the bantamweight division

Sun Yoo vs. David Wu in the strawweight division

Ryan Robles vs. Christian Cross in the welterweight division

Herminio Gutierrez vs. Dennis Ramirez in the featherweight division

For more information about or tickets to 559 Fights 60: Aguilar vs. Liu, go to: 559fights.com.

The Titans Cage 16: Results & Recap

September 30, 2017—The McClellan Conference Center in Sacramento, California swelled at the  seams with screaming fans throughout the latest installment of The Titans Cage (TTC), an all-amateur promotion, which oozed professionalism, from promoters to officials to fighters alike, at TTC 16.


Prior to TTC crowning champions at four weight classes, young mixed martial artists scribbled their style on the canvas under the well-managed microscope of the United States Fight League (USFL). By adhering to a strict rule-set and safety guidelines, with the third-man in the cage carefully monitoring the action, these students are able to blossom from minnows into sharks.

USFL results include:

Kris Array defeated Kainoa Medina by way of arm bar in round 1.

Trista Stordahl Loftus defeated Jordan Gumper by way of rear naked choke in round 2.

Zeke Martinez defeated Yasin Abdulahi by way of triangle choke in round 2.

Aaron Villa-Carlos defeated Estevan Povoor by way of unanimous decision.

Karter Crosby and Stevie Davenport was declared a draw.

Cyrus Povoor defeated Marcus James Datu by way of triangle choke in round 2

Carson Brockman defeated Dio Gutirrez by way of arm bar in round 2.

TTC 16

Main Event: Andrew Chavez vs. Kody Vogels for the vacant TTC Lightweight Title

To close TTC 16, Andrew Chavez and Kody Vogels opened everyone’s eyes inside the McClellan Conference Center to an unwavering drive to keep the zero in their loss column alive.

MMAGOLD’s Chavez, a known submission artist, painted the face of Vogels various shades of crimson red and pink with punches and darkened his legs to deep hues of purple with whipping shins. Vogels, vouching for Team Alpha Male, refused to idle in Chavez’s striking range, forcing his way inside with dynamite-infused leather; unfortunately, Chavez was able to avoid the majority of Vogels’ violent flurries.

When regulation evaporated, the judges awarded Chavez the TTC Lightweight Title.

Co-Main Event: Adam Wamsley vs. Bruno Casillas for the TTC Light Heavyweight Title

Adam Wamsley entered the venue with TTC’s Light Heavyweight Championship slung over his shoulder with pride, yet the representative of Nor Cal Fighting Alliance competed against Bruno Casillas as if it were a grudge he couldn’t shake.

Though Casillas brought the vengeance of his gym, Valhalla ETC, Wamsley’s refined technique nullified any wild aggression and positioned him favorable: a guillotine shorty into the second round.

Feature Bout: Jason Hung vs. Andrew Richardson for the vacant TTC Bantamweight Title

Little did Jason Hung know, but he was walking into his own execution at TTC 16 when challenging Andrew Richardson for the vacant TTC Bantamweight Championship.

With approximately twenty-seconds remaining in the opening round, Richardson, a cold-blooded mercenary, wrapped his arm around Hung’s neck like a noose, strangling his adversary before an audience roaring for more carnage.

Feature Bout: Carlos Figueroa vs. Josh Dim for the vacant TTC Featherweight Title

Carlos Figueroa versus Josh Dim told a tale of two contrastive, yet equally breathtaking, rounds. 

For those familiar with Dim’s handiwork, the muscled-up monster from Team Alpha Male has bulldozed each of his previous three opponents with relative ease. As the Dim-heavy audience anticipated, he launched from his corner as if fired from a cannon upon the sound of the bell.

The force of Dim’s tsunami smashed against Figueroa, and Figueroa, hardened out of Nor Cal Fighting Alliance, soon transformed unrelenting waves into harmless ripples. Smelling blood in the water, Figueroa repeatedly found the mark and slowly shut the lights out on Dim with crisp strikes.

NorCal MMA Performances of the Night

Of course, all the mixed martial artists who wrapped their hands, entered TTC’s proving ground and bit down on their mouthpiece deserve praise, but several performances unhinged onlookers from their senses. NorCal MMA’s awards for Submission of the Night, Knockout of the Night, and Fight of the Night include:

Submission of the Night: Gabriel Pacheco-Dolce







KO/TKO of the Night: Carlos Figueroa






Fight of the Night: Carlos Figueroa and Josh Dim






TTC 16’s results include:

Andrew Chavez defeated Kody Vogels by way of unanimous decision.

Adam Wamsley defeated Bruno Casillas by way of guillotine in round 2 (1:05).

Blake Degmetich defeated Geoff Stovall by way of split-decision.

Andrew Richardson defeated Jason Hung by way of rear naked choke in round 1 (2:41).

Carlos Figueroa defeated Joshua Dim by way of TKO in round 2 (1:39).

Amir Kazemi defeated Blake Benson by way of guillotine in round 2 (2:35).

Luke Brewer defeated Daniel Hicks by way of unanimous decision.

Douglas Reynolds defeated Joshua Martinez by way of unanimous decision.

Mike Howard defeated Evan Walters by way of unanimous decision.

Julius Wright defeated Aaron Graf by way of unanimous decision.

Coleman Johns defeated Isaac Thomas by way of split-decision.

Craig Solesbee defeated Jon Garcia by way of TKO in round 1 (:21).

Gabriel Pacheco-Dolce defeated Lucas Espinoza by way of triangle choke in round 2 (:56).

Eric Corter defeated Alex Bustamante by way of rear naked choke in round 1 (:43).

Kyle Ferguson defeated Nicholas Sanchez by way of unanimous decision.

Marcus Allmuth defeated Carlos Ortiz by way of unanimous decision.

Josh Dim: Three Fights, One Outcome

Josh Dim has scored a hat-trick of jaw-dropping performances since licensing his killer instincts with C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization). With Carlos Figueroa in his featherweight crosshairs at The Titans Cage (TTC) 16 on September 30, 2017, followers of Dim’s short-lived amateur stint are braced for another exciting first-round kill shot.

When Josh Dim, only a year ago, cut the ribbon to his dream of becoming a world-class prizefighter, he smashed his opponent, Jordan Vazquez, at TTC 13 like a champagne bottle christening a clipper.

To close 2016 with a bang, Dim dismantled Abner Perez at NorCal Fights Series 4, still yet to burn an entire minute from his competitive clock.

Thought it took approximately twice as long as Dim’s previous pair of outings, the result when facing Kyle Kolod at TTC 15 was a mirror image. After tossing Kolod around the cage like a ball of string, Dim discovered the opposition’s off-switch.

For tickets to a seat inside the McClellan Conference Center at TTC 16, though when Dim fights you’ll only need the edge, go to: www.thetitanscagemma.com.

Izmatik FC 1: Results & Recap

September 9, 2017—Before the ribbon was ever cut to their inaugural show, first attempted to be the worst for Izmatik Fighting Championship.

Even though the card had drastically altered since its inception, the Central Valley of California swarmed to the Merced Fairgrounds for a small sampling of what the all-amateur MMA promotion had to serve. With only a handful of MMA bouts to deliver, Izmatik FC’s head honchos added a pair of grappling matches to warm the evening up. As all good stories come to an end, the heated rivalry between Anthony Howard and Jose Navarro was put into a coma-induced rest in the main event.

NorCal MMA Performances of the Night

Of course, all the athletes who answered the call of their walkout music deserve a blue ribbon for their effort, but only several can be awarded ‘Best In Show,’ otherwise recognized in MMA as: KO of the Night, Submission of the Night, and Fight of the Night.

KO of the Night: Anthony Howard







Submission of the Night: Andrew Robles







Fight of the Night: David Sok and Nigel Archer Jr.







Izmatik FC 1’s results include:

Anthony Howard defeated Jose Navarro by way of KO in round 1 for the Izmatik Strawweight Title.

Andrew Robles defeated Nathan Gresham by way of arm bar in round 1 for the Izmatik FC Flyweight Title.

David Sok defeated Nigel Archer Jr. by way of split-decision.

Daniel Wehner defeated Elisha Soliz by way of rear naked choke in round 2.

Kail Melton defeated Ramiro Hernandez by way of TKO in round 3.

Fredy Mendez defeated Anthony Medina by way of guillotine choke in a grappling match.

Edgar Villapondo defeated Aaron Jimenez by way of toe hold in a grappling match.