Dragon House 27: Preview

Dragon House MMA, the Bay Area’s longest tenured promotion, will, once again, fill the Kezar Pavilion on November 18, 2017 for their latest attraction: Dragon House 27.

Twenty pairs of mixed martial artists, both amateur and professional, will showcase the talent scattered throughout Northern California. According to dragonhousemma.com, Dragon House 27 will feature:


Brandon Laroco vs. Adin Duenas at a catchweight (140-pounds)

Marcus Gaines vs. Ahmed White in the middleweight division

Victor Tirado vs. Alex Takuma Yocum in the lightweight division

Adam Cruz vs. Victor Jones in the featherweight division

Kailan Hill vs. Brandon Hester in the middleweight division

Hugo Lujan vs. Nikko Jackson in the lightweight division

Antoine Smith vs. Mikey Gonzalez in the welterweight division

Luis Vasgas vs. Abraham Vaesau in the welterweight division

DeMarco Villalona Jr. vs. Wesley McCracken in the middleweight division

Albert Tapia vs. Anthony Do  at a catchweight (120-pounds)

Dyllan Snavely vs. Eduardo Perez in the heavyweight division

David Mitchell vs. Diego Herzog in a BJJ No Gi Super Fight


Giovanni Rosales vs. Carlos Maturana in the lightweight division

Michele Baiano vs. Anthony Figueroa in the lightweight division

Jaime Abadam vs. Ulysses Molina at a catchweight (140-pounds)

Stacy Moran vs. Veronica Mendoza in the strawweight division

Enrique Karenga vs. Darius Ayers in the featherweight division

Aaron Armijo vs. Aireon Tavares in the welterweight division

Joseph Corona vs. Brady Green in the lightweight division

Leo Leon vs. David Solorzano in the featherweight division

For tickets to Dragon House 27 or access to the the live stream, visit: dragonhousemma.com.


War FC 1: Preview

On November 18, a battleground will be constructed and blood is expected to fertilize the soil when War Fighting Championship releases two amateur mixed martial artists at a time from their corner to collide with the force of an atom bomb in the heart of the Modesto Centre Plaza.

As posted at camomma.org (link here), War FC 1 includes:

Richard Treas vs. TBD in the heavyweight division

Ron Monahan vs. Nicholas Jurich in the cruiserweight division

Ryan Yates vs. TBD in the cruiserweight division

Salvador Martinez vs. Jared Velasquez in the middleweight division

Aaron Jimenez vs. Ismael Carranza in the middleweight division

Andres Villanueva vs. Edgar Rivera in the lightweight division

Chris Mitchell vs. Nicholas Sanchez in the lightweight division

Jerome Auttrey vs. TBD in the featherweight division

Shane Torres vs. Raul Godinez in the bantamweight division

Laura Anderson vs. Amanda Preciado in the bantamweight division

Nathan Gresham vs. David Vu in the flyweight division

Mike Tubera vs. Erick Pierre in the flyweight division

For more information and tickets to War FC 1, go to: www.eventbrite.com/e/war-fc-1-tickets.

NorCal MMA’s Preview of 51 Fifty Fight Night 2

The first installment of 51 Fifty Fight Night was such a crazy night of amateur MMA action; the only logical thing to do: host round two on November 4, 2017—51 Fifty Fight Night 2.

From inside the 51 Fifty Fitness Center in Livingston, California, a C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) licensed referee will act as a guidance counselor as fourteen couples try to work through their issues with one another.

According to camomma.org (link here), the fight card at 51 Fifty Fight Night 2 includes:

James Porter vs. Joseph Cardoso in the middleweight division

Ricky Galvez vs. Kail Melton in the super heavyweight division

Philip Hattersley vs. Matt Reed in the lightweight division

Jesse Vazaquez vs. David Tuikolongahau in the light heavyweight division

Laura Anderson vs. Maritza Sanchez in the bantamweight division

Ryan Attebery vs. Elisha Soliz in the flyweight division

Michael Gomez vs. Frederick Doherty in the flyweight division

Tristan Palmer vs. Andrew Silva in the lightweight division

Sergio Saldana vs. Drew Smock-Davis in the lightweight division

Ernie Juarez vs. Conor Stanley in the lightweight division

TBD vs. Adhley Thiner in the flyweight division

Anthonie Taylor vs. Gavin Sheehan in the flyweight division

Joseph Robinson vs. Ethan Ama in the lightweight division

James Ramos vs. Byron Creamer in the featherweight division

For information about how to purchase tickets to 51 Fifty Fight Night 2, visit: www.carlosvieirafoundation.org/online-store/category/ticket.

Twitter Reacts to Max Griffin vs. Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos at #UFCSaoPaulo

While Max ‘Pain’ Griffin (13-4) and Elizeu ‘Capoeira’ Zaleski dos Santos (18-5) lit one another up like a pinball machine at UFC Fight Night 119, the MMA community’s reaction to these welterweights’ Fight of the Night performance on Twitter caused the Internet to glow as if they hit the jackpot.

In the end, the judges unanimously favored Zaleski dos Santos on their scorecards, though a round-by-round stats sheet alone doesn’t detail the unbelievable resiliency and determination of either mixed martial artist.

When the first-round approached its close, Griffin was forced to endure a brutal onslaught of strikes from the Brazilian:

Many were impressed with Griffin’s ability to rise from the ashes and afford himself another five-minute chunk to sway the tide in his favor:

During round-two, the native of Northern California was able to earn a knockdown of his own:

The contest was knotted at one-round apiece, and a slugfest in the final frame loosened everyone from their seats:

As was stated, Zaleski dos Santos was handed the decision, though some people had the bout scored for Griffin:

No matter which side of the fence you’re on, it’s difficult not to meet in the middle, such as the sentiment of @LeonVegaSuarez:

An intense energy pulsed throughout the Twittersphere while the final decision was being rendered, and a clamoring for each athlete to receive a performance bonus buzzed like a tuning fork:

Panda Cup: Results & Recap

The spirit of a Homecoming rally filled Casa Roble High School’s gymnasium on October 28, 2017, but, unlike the popularity contest for royalty, the combatants at Panda Cup, both youth mixed martial artists and adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, earned their position of king or queen for the night with their hand raised.

Kids MMA

Although several of the youth competitors weren’t old enough to sit in the Orangevale gym during the week, they were wise beyond their years in bravery: locking themselves in the ultimate sport. At the top of the Kids MMA card, two Panda Cup Titles were handed out.

Kids MMA results:

Estevan Pavoor defeated Joseph Tik by way of unanimous decision.

Jordan Gumpfer defeated Zoey Hahn by way of arm bar in round 2 (1:39).

Zorin Tafoya defeated Marcos Chupin by way of rear naked choke in round 2 (1:56).

Faith Betzhold defeated Danielle Cruda by way of split-decision.

Justin Dobbs defeated Sofia Campos by way of scissor choke in round 1 (1:03).

Cyrus Pavoor defeated Xavier Gower by way of guillotine in round 1 (:48).

Haylie Gumpfer defeated Kyra Bell by way of arm bar in round 1 (1:42).

Ricardo Anguy defeated Xavier Gower by way of unanimous decision.

Zorin Tafoya defeated Justin Dobbs by way of arm bar in round 3 (:37).

Paul Acu defeated Jacob Nguyen by way of arm bar in round 2 (1:17).

Robert Lopez defeated Daniel Arellano by way of unanimous decision.

Harley Patterson defeated Danielle Cruda by way of split-decision.

David Kellogg defeated David Hernandez by way of triangle in round 2 (1:57).

Adult BJJ Super-Fights

Following a rule set similar to that of EBI (Eddie Bravo Invitational), eight Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, some draped in a Gi and others not, sought out a limb or neck for the checkmate while playing human chess. Some interesting finishes included: a loop choke, a lapel choke, and a patented guillotine from Anthony Hernandez, an undefeated MMA prospect on the rise.

With only seconds left in regulation, Austin Flowers submitted Nick Dillman using a loop choke:

Jeslen Michelle and Becca Baze set the canvas ablaze with their aggressive style, and Michelle was able to wrap Baze in a lapel choke:

Followers of Anthony Hernandez’s young MMA career have witnessed a first-round guillotine finish in four of his five fights, and the same crushing maneuver forced Toby Staley to tap:

Adult BJJ Super-Fights results:

Ahmed White defeated Cody Bartlett by way of straight arm bar.

Anthony Hernandez defeated Toby Staley by way of guillotine.

Austin Flowers defeated Nick Dillman by way of loop choke.

Austin Hardt defeated Skyler Sousa in overtime.

Jeslen Michelle defeated Becca Baze by way of lapel choke.

Alysia Ortega defeated Kaleigh Burrage in overtime.

Kevin Schnepp defeated Roque Reyes by way of arm bar.

Blake Benson defeated Kevin Sharp in overtime.

Panda Cup *Live Results*

Instead of grappling with how to spend an evening on October 28, 2017, submit to the entertainment of fourteen Youth Pankration practitioners, and adults participating in Jiu-Jitsu super-fights, competing at Casa Robles High School.

Keep up with the play-by-play and other live updates at the Panda Cup by following along on Twitter or Facebook: @norcalfightmma.

Youth BJJ Results:

David Kellogg vs. David Hernandez at 65-70-pounds

  • Results: Kellogg def. Hernandez by way of triangle in round 2 (1:57)

Harley Patterson vs. Danielle Cruda at 95-97-pounds 

  • Results: Patterson def. Cruda by way of split-decision

Daniel Arellano vs. Robert Lopez  at 89-pounds

  • Results: Lopez def. Arellano by way of unanimous decision

Jacob Nguyen vs. Paul Acu at 130-pounds

  • Results: Acu def. Nguyen by way of arm bar in round 2 (1:17)

Zorin Tafoya vs. Justin Dobbs at 85-pounds 

  • Results: Tafoya def. Dobbs by way of arm bar in round 3 (:37)

Ricardo Anguy vs. Xavier Gower at 100-110-pounds

  • Results: Anguy def. Gower by way of unanimous decision

Haylie Gumpter vs. Kyra Bell at 125-127-pounds

  • Results: Gumpter def. Bell by way of arm bar in round 1 (1:42)

Cyrus Pavoor vs. Xavier Gower at 110-115-pounds 

  • Results: Pavoor def. Gower by way of guillotine in round 1 (:48)

Sofia Campos vs. Justin Dobbs at 75-pounds

  • Results: Dobbs def. Campos by way of scissor choke in round 1 (1:03)

Faith Betzhold vs. Danielle Cruda at 95-pounds 

  • Results: Betzhold def. Cruda by way of split-decision

Marcos Chupin vs. Zorin Tafoya at 85-pounds 

  • Results: Tafoya def. Chupin by way of rear naked choke in round 2 (1:56)

Jordan Gumpfer vs. Zoey Hahn at 135-pounds 

  • Results: Gumpfer def. Hahn by way of arm bar in round 2 (1:39)

Joseph Tik vs. Estevan Pavoor at 135-pounds

  • Results: Pavoor def. Tik by way of unanimous decision

Adult BJJ Super-Fights Results:

Ahmed White vs. Cody Barlette in the Black Belt division with a Gi

  • Results: White def. Barlette by way of straight arm bar

Anthony ‘Fluffy’ Hernandez vs. Toby Staley in the Advanced No-Gi division

  • Results: Hernandez def. Staley by way of guillotine

Roque Reyes vs. Kevin Schnepp in the Purple Belt division with a Gi

  • Results: Schnepp def. Reyes by way of arm bar

Skylar Sousa vs. Austin Hardt in the Intermediate division with No-Gi

  • Results: Hardt def. Sousa

Jeslen Michelle vs. Becca Baze in the Blue Belt division with a Gi

  • Results: Michelle def. Baze by way of lapel choke

Nick Dillman vs. Austin Flowers in the Blue Belt division with a Gi

  • Results: Flowers def. Dillman by way of loop choke

Blake Benson vs. Nick Sharp in the Beginner division with No-Gi

  • Results: Benson def. Sharp

Alysia Ortega vs. Kaleigh Burrage in the Intermediate division with No-Gi

  • Results: Ortega def. Burrage