Oscar Martinez: Retirement With A Championship-Caliber Stipulation

Oscar ‘Superman’ Martinez had decided to retire from MMA after his upcoming bid for a belt on November 18, 2017, though any final word on the matter, according to Martinez, will actually be determined by a twelve-pound stipulation.

Before Martinez enters California Fighting Championship (CFC) 1 to meet Steven Cartwright for the CFC Lightweight Title, the long-time resident of Sonora appeared on Episode 86 of the @norcalfightmma Podcast (link here) to discuss the trophy he expects to wrap around his waist at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds. Not only will the shiny hardware mark an unforgettable memory for Martinez in MMA, the audience discovered the CFC crown at 205-pounds will simultaneously serve as an anchor, harboring the hard-hitting combatant with over a decade in the sport for just a little bit longer.

Much like Martinez’s strategy for Cartwright at CFC 1, he shot from the gates upon his introduction to the show. After the host of the @norcalfightmma Podcast, Dave Madden, welcomed Martinez and outlined that CFC 1 would be his final contest, Martinez immediately invited listeners into his mindset as a competitor.

“Here’s the thing: before we get into that [retirement], if I do get a title, you’re not really a champion until you defend it.” Martinez continued, clarifying his position on closing the door to his life as a professional prizefighter, “I kind of threw that [retirement] out there, but I don’t want this guy [Cartwright] to think that if he beats me, he retired me—because he didn’t. If I win that title, I will defend it. I was thinking about it, and—honestly—I do want that belt. But I want it to be something I earn and defend.”

Since retiring from MMA has become en vogue, for any doubters of Martinez’s willingness to walk away, he recalled his slot as the headliner was initially designed as a send-off into the sunset in his own backyard.

“He [Cartwright] and I used to be friends. He crossed the line a few years ago, and we were supposed to fight a year ago. He hurt his knee.” Although time heals wounds, Cartwright, as Martinez continued, still simmered in animosity, “I got over the issue we had, so it was no longer an issue. One night, in the middle of the night, at 1:14 am, I get a text message from Al Joslin that said, ‘Hey, Steven Cartwright sent me a message that said he wants to fight you.’ I roll over and say, ‘Yeah, I’ll fight him,’ and then went back to sleep. A bunch of promoters were coming up here and trying to get a show up here, and I was like, ‘Hey, if you let me be the main event, I’ll help you drive this [CFC 1] through.’ That was my asking gift: let me fight at home for my last time because, like I said, I was retiring.”

As the days to CFC 1 disappear from the calendar, the vision Martinez musters for how things will play out with Cartwright for CFC’s Light Heavyweight Championship could mean: Northern California’s MMA collective can expect to catch Martinez in the cage sometime soon.

“How I see it going: he comes out jab, jab, head kick—oh shit, he got taken down and beat the fuck up.”

The remainder of the fight card at CFC 1 includes:


Oscar Martinez vs. Steven Cartwright for the CFC Light Heavyweight Title

Abner Perez vs. Brandon Bettencourt in the flyweight division

Richard Rigmaden vs. Joseph Ramirez in the middleweight division


Benjamin Lewis vs. TBD in the welterweight division

Ernie Juarez vs. Tyler Milburn in the lightweight division

Jaime Hutcheson vs. Joshua Subjack in the middleweight division

Laura Anderson vs. Kailyn Hansen in the bantamweight division

Gregory Morales vs. David McDaniel in the light heavyweight division

Wesley Greene vs. Louis De La Pena in the lightweight division

Ramiro Hernandez vs. Michael Reid in the super heavyweight division

Adam DeNu vs. Shane Rivera in the cruiserweight division


Panda Cup *Live Results*

Instead of grappling with how to spend an evening on October 28, 2017, submit to the entertainment of fourteen Youth Pankration practitioners, and adults participating in Jiu-Jitsu super-fights, competing at Casa Robles High School.

Keep up with the play-by-play and other live updates at the Panda Cup by following along on Twitter or Facebook: @norcalfightmma.

Youth BJJ Results:

David Kellogg vs. David Hernandez at 65-70-pounds

  • Results: Kellogg def. Hernandez by way of triangle in round 2 (1:57)

Harley Patterson vs. Danielle Cruda at 95-97-pounds 

  • Results: Patterson def. Cruda by way of split-decision

Daniel Arellano vs. Robert Lopez  at 89-pounds

  • Results: Lopez def. Arellano by way of unanimous decision

Jacob Nguyen vs. Paul Acu at 130-pounds

  • Results: Acu def. Nguyen by way of arm bar in round 2 (1:17)

Zorin Tafoya vs. Justin Dobbs at 85-pounds 

  • Results: Tafoya def. Dobbs by way of arm bar in round 3 (:37)

Ricardo Anguy vs. Xavier Gower at 100-110-pounds

  • Results: Anguy def. Gower by way of unanimous decision

Haylie Gumpter vs. Kyra Bell at 125-127-pounds

  • Results: Gumpter def. Bell by way of arm bar in round 1 (1:42)

Cyrus Pavoor vs. Xavier Gower at 110-115-pounds 

  • Results: Pavoor def. Gower by way of guillotine in round 1 (:48)

Sofia Campos vs. Justin Dobbs at 75-pounds

  • Results: Dobbs def. Campos by way of scissor choke in round 1 (1:03)

Faith Betzhold vs. Danielle Cruda at 95-pounds 

  • Results: Betzhold def. Cruda by way of split-decision

Marcos Chupin vs. Zorin Tafoya at 85-pounds 

  • Results: Tafoya def. Chupin by way of rear naked choke in round 2 (1:56)

Jordan Gumpfer vs. Zoey Hahn at 135-pounds 

  • Results: Gumpfer def. Hahn by way of arm bar in round 2 (1:39)

Joseph Tik vs. Estevan Pavoor at 135-pounds

  • Results: Pavoor def. Tik by way of unanimous decision

Adult BJJ Super-Fights Results:

Ahmed White vs. Cody Barlette in the Black Belt division with a Gi

  • Results: White def. Barlette by way of straight arm bar

Anthony ‘Fluffy’ Hernandez vs. Toby Staley in the Advanced No-Gi division

  • Results: Hernandez def. Staley by way of guillotine

Roque Reyes vs. Kevin Schnepp in the Purple Belt division with a Gi

  • Results: Schnepp def. Reyes by way of arm bar

Skylar Sousa vs. Austin Hardt in the Intermediate division with No-Gi

  • Results: Hardt def. Sousa

Jeslen Michelle vs. Becca Baze in the Blue Belt division with a Gi

  • Results: Michelle def. Baze by way of lapel choke

Nick Dillman vs. Austin Flowers in the Blue Belt division with a Gi

  • Results: Flowers def. Dillman by way of loop choke

Blake Benson vs. Nick Sharp in the Beginner division with No-Gi

  • Results: Benson def. Sharp

Alysia Ortega vs. Kaleigh Burrage in the Intermediate division with No-Gi

  • Results: Ortega def. Burrage

Izmatik FC 1: Results & Recap

September 9, 2017—Before the ribbon was ever cut to their inaugural show, first attempted to be the worst for Izmatik Fighting Championship.

Even though the card had drastically altered since its inception, the Central Valley of California swarmed to the Merced Fairgrounds for a small sampling of what the all-amateur MMA promotion had to serve. With only a handful of MMA bouts to deliver, Izmatik FC’s head honchos added a pair of grappling matches to warm the evening up. As all good stories come to an end, the heated rivalry between Anthony Howard and Jose Navarro was put into a coma-induced rest in the main event.

NorCal MMA Performances of the Night

Of course, all the athletes who answered the call of their walkout music deserve a blue ribbon for their effort, but only several can be awarded ‘Best In Show,’ otherwise recognized in MMA as: KO of the Night, Submission of the Night, and Fight of the Night.

KO of the Night: Anthony Howard







Submission of the Night: Andrew Robles







Fight of the Night: David Sok and Nigel Archer Jr.







Izmatik FC 1’s results include:

Anthony Howard defeated Jose Navarro by way of KO in round 1 for the Izmatik Strawweight Title.

Andrew Robles defeated Nathan Gresham by way of arm bar in round 1 for the Izmatik FC Flyweight Title.

David Sok defeated Nigel Archer Jr. by way of split-decision.

Daniel Wehner defeated Elisha Soliz by way of rear naked choke in round 2.

Kail Melton defeated Ramiro Hernandez by way of TKO in round 3.

Fredy Mendez defeated Anthony Medina by way of guillotine choke in a grappling match.

Edgar Villapondo defeated Aaron Jimenez by way of toe hold in a grappling match.

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