Urijah Faber would consider unretiring to fight T.J. Dillashaw, but nobody get any ideas — MMAjunkie

Finally, after nearly a year of animosity between ex-teammates turned rivals T.J. Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt, the score was settled over the weekend, with Dillashaw scoring a knockout at UFC 217 to become bantamweight champion for the second time. So that it’s, right? This means we’re done with the whole Team Alpha Male vs. Dillashaw…

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Cody Garbrandt Really Did Drop TJ Dillashaw in Practice

Actions speak louder than words, and the UFC’s Bantamweight Champion, Cody ‘No Love’ Garbrandt, stamped every one of his syllables leading into UFC 217 with a bold exclamation point after releasing footage of his knockdown of former teammate, and current contender, TJ Dillashaw.

By releasing this undocumented, until now, sparring session, all the sticks-and-stones Dillashaw claimed Garbrandt was throwing were shattered into splinters and gravel with a heavy right hand.

Adding insult to a concussive injury, Garbrandt recommended the UFC’s President, Dana White, should prepare the bonus check he intends to collect on November 4, 2017 after defending his 135-pound title.

Cody Garbrandt ‘most hungry fighter ever’ going into UFC 217 grudge match vs. T.J. Dillashaw — MMAjunkie

Filed under: Featured, News, UFC, VideosNEW YORK – The pursuit of a UFC championship belt is the driving force for nearly every fighter in the sport. Now that he has the UFC bantamweight belt, though, Cody Garbrandt said his passion is even stronger. Garbrandt (11-0 MMA, 6-0 UFC) has no shortage of motivation going into his…

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Twitter Reacts to Max Griffin vs. Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos at #UFCSaoPaulo

While Max ‘Pain’ Griffin (13-4) and Elizeu ‘Capoeira’ Zaleski dos Santos (18-5) lit one another up like a pinball machine at UFC Fight Night 119, the MMA community’s reaction to these welterweights’ Fight of the Night performance on Twitter caused the Internet to glow as if they hit the jackpot.

In the end, the judges unanimously favored Zaleski dos Santos on their scorecards, though a round-by-round stats sheet alone doesn’t detail the unbelievable resiliency and determination of either mixed martial artist.

When the first-round approached its close, Griffin was forced to endure a brutal onslaught of strikes from the Brazilian:

Many were impressed with Griffin’s ability to rise from the ashes and afford himself another five-minute chunk to sway the tide in his favor:

During round-two, the native of Northern California was able to earn a knockdown of his own:

The contest was knotted at one-round apiece, and a slugfest in the final frame loosened everyone from their seats:

As was stated, Zaleski dos Santos was handed the decision, though some people had the bout scored for Griffin:

No matter which side of the fence you’re on, it’s difficult not to meet in the middle, such as the sentiment of @LeonVegaSuarez:

An intense energy pulsed throughout the Twittersphere while the final decision was being rendered, and a clamoring for each athlete to receive a performance bonus buzzed like a tuning fork:

Max Griffin: Standing His Ground at #UFCSaoPaulo’s Weigh-Ins

With the early morning weigh-ins in the record book, Max ‘Pain’ Griffin (13-3), after fully rehydrating, showed he’s hungrier than ever at UFC Fight Night 119’s ceremonial trip to the scale, locking eyes for the last time with his opponent, Elizeu ‘Capoeira’ Zaleski dos Santos (17-5), before being locked in the Octagon twenty-four hours later.

Griffin, the outsider from Northern California, entered Sao Paulo, Brazil as the enemy, yet he feels right at home in the animosity. When Brazil’s-own Zaleski approached Griffin for their final face-off, a slight tug-of-war for territory reminded onlookers of much more than hometown pride on the line: a jockeying for position within the UFC’s welterweight division is at stake.

Following Griffin’s first-round bludgeoning of Mexico’s Erick Montano at UFC Fight Night 98 in Mexico City and Zaleski’s hat-trick hot-streak, fights fans will struggle to remain seated when American Kickboxing meets Brazilian Capoeira to launch the prelim portion of the UFC Fight Night 119 on FOX Sports 2.

Max Griffin: Excited to Cross Enemy Lines at UFC Fight Night 119

Max ‘Pain’ Griffin (13-3) anticipates hate and ill-will to rain down from the Ibirapuera Gymnasium’s rafters at UFC Fight Night 119, and he couldn’t be happier.

Nearly a year has past since Griffin was pricked with a sensation he’d never encountered as a professional prizefighter: the role of outsider. Prior to Griffin’s departure for Sao Paulo, Brazil to meet Elizeu ‘Capoeira’ Zaleski dos Santos (17-5), the hard-hitting welterweight visited the @norcalfightmma Podcast, Episode 87 (link here), to discuss his return to enemy territory on foreign soil.

In Griffin’s last trip to the UFC’s Octagon, he collided with Erick Montano, the hometown hero and winner of The Ultimate Fighter Latin America Season 2, at UFC Fight 98 in Mexico City, Mexico. Prior to silencing the crowd with a thunderous knockout in under one-minute, Griffin recalled the deafening mistreatment he received,

“When I went to Mexico, they were throwing beers at me; they all wanted me to lose.”

Instead of passively enduring the abuse, Griffin absorbed it, allowing it to course through his veins and quench his thirst for blood. He detailed the transformation as,

“It brings a different kind of monster out in me when I’m fighting in enemy territory—like enemy country territory. Even [Las] Vegas, that’s neutral; people like you, people don’t. Vegas is kind of like fighting out here [Northern California]; I appreciate the fans and stuff, but you get that comfort, kinda. It puts you in a different kind of mind state when 20,000 people want to fucking kill you. That’s different.”

Whether at UFC Fight Night 119’s weigh-ins, walkout, or during formal introductions, Griffin will have the common Brazilian chant: “Uh Vai Morrer,” which translates to: “You’re going to die,” tossed at him like spears, but the impenetrable product of Marinoble’s Martial Arts and Kickboxing expects to use every hair-raising syllable to his advantage,

“It’s different than fighting in the states, so it puts me in more of a ‘I’m-gonna-rip-your-head-off’ kind of attitude. And I like having an attitude. I’m pretty successful with that mentality.”

Griffin gets the prelim portion of UFC Fight Night 119, broadcasted on FOX Sports 2, underway at 5:00 pm PST on October 28, 2017.