CFC 3: Results & Recap

CFC 3 took place at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds in Sonora, California with four grappling fights, three MMA bouts and one boxing exhibition match.  The day was filled with uncertainty, however, with fighters pulling out due to injury or other challenges. Oscar Martinez, promoter and matchmaker of California Fighting Championship (CFC), discussed with me the week he had making calls and posting help on social media to replace fighters who had pulled out. He worked tirelessly up until the doors opened to entertain fight fans, friends, and family who traveled from all over Northern California to support him and the fighters that committed to walking into the cage. The fighters that fulfilled their agreement with Martinez also rallied behind him to kick off an exciting night of action.  

The original card was modified for the evening, grappling matches following EBI rules kicked off the show.  

Ryan Firinaiu defeated Kacey Sanders by way of submission

Mason Fowler defeated Idrees Wasi by way of submission

James Porter defeated Aaron Hamilton by way of decision 

Cody Sons defeated Kasey Sanders by way of submission   

The MMA bout began with two welterweights, Phaathit Phaysaleum (0-0) and William Eckstein (0-1). Phaysaleum finished the first round with a hard knee to the body of Eckstein. The second round Phaysaleum took control of Ecsktein against the fence and on the ground with an unsuccessful submission attempt.  Both fighters ended the round with a flurry of knees to the body. The final round began with Phaysaleum landing a hard, low kick, then an inside leg kick.  Eckstein didn’t hesitate and returned fire with a hard jab. Phaysaleum pressed Eckstein to the fence, with Eckstein landing a takedown. Phaysleum ended the round in top position, raining down body shots and shots to the face. 

Results: Phaysaleum defeated Eckstein by unanimous decision. 

Benjamin Hill (0-0) in his debut showed a lot of speed and skill on the canvas against Robert Holson (1-5). Both fighters started the round patiently moving about, pressing each other against the cage. Holson took the fight to the ground and landed hard punches to the body. The second round opened with Hill landing kicks, and he opted to keep the fight standing this time by displaying with his foot work and movement. Holson caught him off guard and pressed Hill against the cage and landed another takedown. Hill was on his back against a dominate fighter working from the top position with only seconds left. The third round began where the second round left off; Holson used the fence to his advantage and landed several strikes while Hill tried to defend from his back. 

Results: Holson defeated Hill by unanimous decision.

The event concluded with an exhibition MMA bout between welterweight Regino Prieto (1-0) and featherweight Michael Humphrey (5-2).  Humphrey used his speed to land a hard body kick; Prieto didn’t seem phased and asked for another. He returned fire with one of his own, but Humphrey caught the kick and landed a takedown. Humphrey went to work and quickly took Prieto’s back.  Humphrey finished Prieto in thirty-eight seconds of the first- round by way of rear-naked choke.  They both came to fight and ended the night walking away with championship belts which they will defend at the next show.

Results: Humphrey defeated Prieto by way of rear-naked choke in round 1 (:38)


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