NCFA’s New Crop of Prizefighters

Gabriel Dolce-Pacheco, Carlos Figueroa, and Adam Wamsley have shared countless hours on the mats inside Nor-Cal Fighting Alliance (NCFA), the glory from claiming championship belts as amateurs, and next on the docket for this terrorizing trio—October 6, 2018—they’ll bask underneath the same spotlight as professional mixed martial artists.

Gabriel “The Guardfather” Dolce-Pacheco

Earlier this year, Dolce-Pacheco made the leap into the pros. He dove into a firestorm at Dragon House 29 and iced his opponent, Frank Farmer, in spectacular fashion.

“The Guardfather,” even as an amateur, would anchor an audience to the edge of their seat until, undoubtedly, ejecting them onto their feet. If Dolce-Pacheco can, once again, make the spectacular seem commonplace in his upcoming bout against Adrian Guzman (2-0), he may earn his fifth NorCal MMA Performance of the Night in only a two-year span. In fact, one of Dolce-Pacheco’s night-ending awards—a triangle choke at The Titans Cage (TTC) 16—was voted NorCal MMA’s 2017 Submission of the Year.

Carlos Figueroa

Regardless of the outcome, Carlos Figueroa closed his amateur days in one instant classic after another. The final three contests on Figueroa’s C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) resume unlocked a very real threat about to enter the bantamweight division at the next level.

2017’s fall went down in a dramatic draw, pitting Figueroa opposite Josh Dim for the vacant TTC Featherweight Title at TTC 16. In a pair of unforgettable rounds, which were nominated for NorCal MMA’s 2017 Fight of the Year, Figueroa single-handedly dismantled the tracks propelling Dim’s hype; then, he shifted his tunnel-vision toward much larger challenges.

Seeking balance—both to add to his combative bag-of-tricks and trophy case—Figueroa agreed to face Kody Vogels, a gritty wrestler out of Team Alpha Male who held the TTC Title at 155-pounds. Though the end result didn’t favor Figueroa, he highlighted his heart was the size of a heavyweight, dragging Vogels through a vicious set of three rounds.

If there was any question of whether Figueroa belongs amongst the best-of-the-best, the answer was fashionably fastened to the end of his right hand, punctuating the knockout of an undefeated—at least before the punch landed—phenom on the rise, Nathanael Garcia, with a bold exclamation point at Tachi Palace Fights #1 Prospects.

Figueroa will be forced to unfurl another Hulk-like performance in the near future against Holt “The Incredible” Felkins (1-0) in order to pick up in the pros where he left off.

Adam Wamsley

Following a nine-fight seesaw as an amateur, Adam Wamsley, with his hand raised on October 6th, could dish up the sweet taste of victory, and revenge, with his first bite into the pros.

Prior to signing his contract—for actual cash prizes, instead of merely experience—the multiple division TTC Champ was on the receiving end of Daniel Compton’s wrenching rear-naked choke at Bay Area Combat for the C.A.M.O Light Heavyweight Title, the marker distinguishing the division’s top-ranked amateur in the state.

Instead of a belt on the line in the rematch of Wamsley and Compton, the two will settle the score for the second half of their paycheck.

Under the tutelage of Dave Terrell, the head coach and owner of NCFA, the Gracie fighter system in Santa Rosa will, at the beginning of October, inject the sport with those primed to potentially become world champions.


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