Panda Cup 5: Results & Recap

August 25, 2018—Panda Cup’s latest attraction, Panda Cup 5, slowly grew to a crescendo that, unfortunately, crashed far too early in the evening and completely out of tune from the harmony being orchestrated by those—USFL fighters, grapplers, and amateur mixed martial artists—who had an opportunity to compete inside Sacramento’s Jackson Sports Academy.

Panda Cup 5’s Cancellation

Incidents amongst patrons at local MMA events have drained the patience of the state’s Commission. Earlier this year, at the exact same location, The Titans Cage, at TTC 19, experienced a melee that forced C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) to pull the plug on the remainder of that production.

At Panda Cup 5, the energy reached a new level following a first-round TKO delivered by Tyler Strobaugh, which all started with a beautifully timed head kick and finished with a killer’s instinct.

The next contest, featuring Gary Helm and Obadiah Johnson, was action-packed, though laced with controversy. Between rounds, the officials determined Helm couldn’t continue due to a cut under his eye. Helm pleaded his case in puffs of rage to anyone who would listen as a means to move forward into the next round, yet, regardless of his salient points, it was ended.

As Helm made his way backstage, never turning his vocal deluge of displeasure to a drizzle, the highs and lows of back-to-back mind-benders seemed to meet like pressure systems, converging to form a dangerous storm. Pockets of wannabe prizefighters popped up all around the venue like small wildfires. Although everything was contained rather quickly—and the decision-makers of C.A.M.O wanted everyone scheduled on the card to duke it out—the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department decided it would be best to call Panda Cup 5 a done deal at that point.

Another Tale of the Tape

Sadly, the behind-the-scenes legwork of Panda Cup’s promoters, the willingness of several athletes to accept last-second switches, the UFC being on hand to record footage for their upcoming documentary: UFC 25 Years in Short, and many other aspects that are easy for true fans of the sport to appreciate will go largely unnoticed.

NorCal MMA’s Performances of the Night

Fight of the Night: Jose Blancas and Nicholas Galvan

Submission of the Night #1: Keno Grigsby

Photo credit: Shannon Newton







Submission of the Night #2: Michael Humphrey

TKO of the Night: Tyler Strobaugh

Photo credit: Shannon Newton

Panda Cup 5’s Complete Results

Youth MMA

Jesse Rosas defeated Jacob Martinez by way of unanimous decision

Kevin Rosas defeated Johnny Garcia by way of unanimous decision

Alexis Hazelton defeated Kylee Donaldson by way of unanimous decision

David Kellogg defeated Phoenix Lopez by way of split-decision

Ashkon Fathi defeated Ramzes Castillas by way of unanimous decision

Jose Blancas defeated Nicholas Galvan by way of unanimous decision

Alyssa Sanchez defeated Allison Chang by way of split-decision

Shaniya Carlson defeated Lea Bivins by way of arm bar in round 2 (:52)

Johan Alamilla defeated Israel Perez by way of arm bar in round 1 (1:56)

Zaki Cruz defeated Kaiden Devoto by way of arm bar in round 1 (:59)

Leo Alamilla defeated Mason Kutilowski by way of unanimous decision

Isabel Garcia defeated Alexis Hazelton by way of unanimous decision

Uriel Cruz defeated David Kellogg by way of arm bar in round 1 (1:20)

Submission-Only Grappling

Yeppie Tomasian defeated Bryce Sexton by way of heel hook

Photo credit: Shannon Newton

Brady Wicklund defeated Skyler Souza by way of Kimura at 5:58

Photo credit: Shannon Newton

Courtney Dubois defeated Tati Alvarez by way of unanimous decision

Photo credit: Shannon Newton

Ahmed Jawid defeated James Cook by way of ankle lock at 1:47

Photo credit: Shannon Newton

Colin Melvin defeated Noah Freeman by way of overtime

Photo credit: Shannon Newton

Spencer Jeha defeated Christian Rabago by way of ankle lock at :32

Michael Humphrey defeated Cody Walsh by way of calf-slicer at 5:46

Photo credit: Shannon Newton

Rase Peters defeated Zack Felkins by way of rear-naked choke at 6:53

Photo credit: Shannon Newton

Tina La Noy defeated Amy Brundage by way of overtime

Photo credit: Shannon Newton

Kacey Sanders defeated Matthew Sherman by way of Kimura at 2:03

Photo credit: Shannon Newton






Amateur MMA

Keno Grigsby defeated Sam Tanner by way of triangle in round 2 (1:21)

Photo credit: Shannon Newton






Chris Mitchell defeated Isaiah Perales by way of unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Photo credit: Shannon Newton






Obadiah Johnson defeated Gary Helm by way of TKO (referee stoppage) in round 1 (2:00)

Photo credit: Shannon Newton

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