Battle of the Best: Results & Recap

August 19, 2018—With Battle of the Best (BOTB), “Sunday Funday” just became much more than a weekly hashtag.

Julio Castro, owner of Castro Martial Arts in Tracy, California, recognized a need for youngsters, especially within the walls of his own gym, to have a platform to display their talents in live competition; therefore, he transformed his immaculate facility into a venue to stage Youth MMA, which follows a strict Pankration ruleset overseen by the United State Fight League (USFL).

Every seat inside Castro’s complex of combat was stuffed with families screaming their support. Regardless of who had their hand raised, the positivity throughout the event’s entirety lifted everyone’s spirits. Fifteen sets of competitors, from those entering such an environment for the first time to others on the verge of shedding their youthful glow, dazzled the audience in attendance, as well as everyone who tuned into the‘s live stream on Facebook (link here), with well-instructed technique.

If, for some reason, you missed the grand opening to Battle of the Best, there is plenty of time to calendar the remainder of the year with future dates that include: September 23rd, October 14th, and November 18th.

Battle of the Best’s Complete Results:

Roberto Lopez defeated Ninja Reed by way of referee stoppage in round 2 (1:02)

Kevin Mercer defeated Matthew Nguyen by way of rear-naked choke in round 1 (1:05)

Alex Gougougsis defeated Jesse Fernandez by way of disqualification

Colton Ross defeated PJ Acu by way of unanimous decision

Johan Alamilla defeated Jeffrey Luminado by way of arm bar in round 3 (1:30)

Bryan Oliveras defeated Ryder Seriosa by way of unanimous decision

Phoenix Lopez defeated Edgar Oliveras by way of arm bar in round 1 (1:58)

Kolton Silbernagel defeated Elijah Kai Cuison by way of arm bar in round 1 (1:18)

Nicholas Galvan defeated Mateo Montoya by way of arm bar in round 2 (1:30)

Vishnu Raghav Sridharan defeated Leo Alamilla by way of arm bar in round 2 (1:36)

Kylee Donaldson defeated Isabel Garcia by way of split-decision

Christopher Garcia defeated Tanner Ross by way of split-decision

Moises Florez defeated Adam Nisman by way of unanimous decision

Rodrigo Soriano defeated Anthony Wahhab by way of disqualification

Kaidin Devoto defeated Gabriel Hernandez by way of unanimous decision


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