The Titans Cage 20: Now With Professionals

Since 2011, The Titans Cage (TTC) has opened their canvased field of play to amateur mixed martial artists throughout Northern California. On October 6, 2018, the Sacramento-based promotion will expand their platform to include the region’s professionals.

The pros in the area are actually starved for a stage to display their skillsets, and TTC’s upcoming show, TTC 20, will allow them to feast on the flesh of a formidable foe. After nineteen successful shows, Shawn and Zeny Correa, the power couple at the helm of TTC, have witnessed amateurs under their lights prosper into prizefighters at the pinnacle of the sport. By casting a card chalked with another level of athlete, TTC will expedite the careers of up-and-coming prospects with an invaluable opportunity while continuing to add branches to their fight-family brand.

To not miss a single moment of this new direction for TTC and the construction of TTC 20, check their website (link here) for updates or follow them on Facebook (link here).


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