Trey Williams and Ivan Batinich at Dragon House 29: A Candidate for NorCal MMA’s 2018 Fight of the Year

Ivan Batinich (2-1) and Trey “The King” Williams (4-1) only needed three-minutes and forty-eight seconds to deliver a breathtaking, summertime classic that won’t soon be forgotten by MMA fans throughout Northern California, as well as around the world.

Ticket-holders inside San Francisco’s Kezar Pavilion, along with those connected to the live pay-per-view stream—available at, marinated in the energy of the middleweight bloodbath on display to close Dragon House 29 on July 21, 2018. While the narrative of ring rust led their return to the office, Williams and Batinich didn’t hesitate in buffing their brand of violence to a high-quality shine.

Batinich, undefeated to this point and out of action for approximate fifteen month, and Williams, a competitor absent from the cage since 2015 who has yet to face a decision, clinched in the center of the Bay Area venue, commencing a tug-of-war of wills.

Two wrongs never make a right, but two rights, thrown by Williams and Batinich in tandem, gave the audience the sense that something was about to go very wrong. Nobody questioned their punching power—as each simultaneously collapsed to the canvas, nor would they doubt Batinich, following a speedy recovery and instinctual pounce upon his injured prey representing Reno City Kickboxing, bested Williams.

However, the one recognized as “The King” entered Dragon House 29’s contender match to prove he’s a viable challenger for Dragon House MMA’s Middleweight Championship. Showcasing an incredible resolve, Williams cleared the cobwebs, escaped Batinich’s threat of a Kimura, survived some gruesome ground-and-pound, and continued his chase for a crown in a 185-pound kingdom he plans to rule one day.

When Williams arose from the floorboards, soaked from head to toe in his own blood, it was unclear how he’d slither out of this scrap on anything other than survival mode. An exchange on the feet beckoned Batinich to blast the legs of Williams for a takedown attempt; a well-rehearsed sprawl by Williams spotlighted the clarity of his wits, and once he snaked his arm around Batinich’s neck and rolled into position, the tap from an anaconda choke followed soon thereafter.

The main event at Dragon House 29 featured a fistfight fraught with all the elements pumping life into the soul of MMA: brutality, ironclad sets of fortitude, and a highlight reel ending that ejects everyone from their seat. With plenty of 2018 remaining on the horizon, there is ample opportunity for more match-ups to mesmerize the masses and earn nominations for NorCal MMA’s 2018 Fight of the Year.


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  1. Fabulous article. Very true. This fight was epic. Williams demonstated a will to win that ranks this fight among the best ever.

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