Jamario Mulder at Dragon House 29: Chopping A Giant Down to Size

The Ultimate Fighting Championship was created to sift the best from the best, determine which style of martial arts reigned supreme, and negate size as a factor against any foe. Twenty-five years later, numerous regulations would prevent the debacle that invaded Denver, Colorado in 1993 from repeating itself, but that doesn’t change the perception of a welterweight clash between Jamario “Mandingo” Mulder (2-2) and Abraham Vaesau (3-1) at Dragon House 29 on July 21, 2018 as sharing a similar “David versus Goliath” aura as what transpired at UFC 1.

On paper, Mulder and Vaesau are separated by only an inch; Mulder standing at 5’10” and Vasaeu at 5’11’; however, while watching on screen via the online pay-per-view stream, it appeared as though the two didn’t share the same division. At the sound of the bell, Vaesau, a vascular mass of muscle who somehow slips into a 170-pound frame, attempted to impose his size as a show of dominance. Previous to Dragon House 29, Mulder had only mixed-it-up in the cage as a lightweight, and his nimble movement kept him out of harm’s way.

As the minutes and seconds vanished in the round so did Vaesau’s oxygen levels; whereas, the spring never left the step of “Mandingo”. Mulder’s output soon multiplied, and he methodically mapped the coordinates to the giant’s off-switch, which was located somewhere in the liver.

At 3:33, Mulder gutted Vaesau with a left-handed harpoon to the body. Several unanswered shots to follow sealed the deal for Mulder, a now verified commodity as a welterweight contender.


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