Ron Monahan Is Lookin’ For A Fight

While the UFC’s President, Dana White, scours the nation for mixed martial artists to add to his elite roster in a series known as: Lookin’ For A Fight, Merced’s own Ron Monahan has hunted high and low—to no avail—for an opponent to share the cage with.

Competing under the sanctioning body of C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) at forty-four-years-old, Monahan’s age places some added restrictions on his ability to face any man set before him, regardless of his “ride-or-die” attitude. According to C.A.M.O, those who wish to enter the cage at the age of forty-plus must be matched against someone who is no more than five years their junior.

In addition to a governing set of stipulations that has made Monahan’s ride back to action rough, this Northern California outlaw, whether wrapped in six-ounce gloves or not, is an imposing individual. Besides any future foes trembling after reviewing Monahan’s MMA debut—nineteen-seconds of vicious handiwork at War FC on November 18, 2017— they may also take inventory of the patchwork printed upon his skin and leather jacket that flies the infamous insignia of the Hells Angels.

Although Monahan is a card-carrying member of the biker club, he posted some reassurance on Facebook to anyone willing to fill the opposing corner: the only thing to fear are his fists.

Monahan wrote:

“If you’re an MMA fighter, and you’re using the excuse you don’t want to fight me because I’m a Hells Angel, or believe that if you win you will be scared for your life of retaliation, let me clarify for you…First of all, you won’t win! Not because I’m a Hells Angel, but because I’ll out train you and out fight you! My brothers understand this is a sport and there is going to be a winner and a loser. It’s not personal; you’re not in the club, so you’re not in any danger—other than when they lock you in that Octagon with me. So be a man! Shock the world! Prove you’re in this sport to fight the best and test yourself! Sign that dotted line and let’s see who the better man is. I don’t care your experience; I don’t care your style or what gym you train at. I WILL FIGHT ANYONE—ANYTIME, ANY PLACE!”

Although Monahan has a spot to rumble reserved, for both hand-to-hand combat and his Harley, on an upcoming card, Renegade Rendezvous on September 8, 2018, Mike MacNeill, the promotion’s matchmaker, continues to exhaust his efforts in hopes of locating a dance partner.


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