Panda Cup: Results & Recap

July 7, 2018—There are levels to the game of MMA, and an organization such as Panda Cup creates a portal into the sport’s progression, hosting an event that features submission-only grappling, Youth MMA, and amateur MMA.

NorCal MMA’s Performances of the Night

Fight of the Night: Julius Wright and Moses Daniyelyan

Submission of the Night: Jayden Murillo

Knockout of the Night: Diego Bigelow

Submission-Only Grappling

Although overtime was a possibility for each pair who rolled into Panda Cup’s cage to begin the day, it was only necessary for one of the eleven matches.

Submission-Only Grappling Results:

Kody Vogels defeated Jonathan Lorens by way of overtime





Yeppie Tomasian defeated Anthony Mercado by way of arm bar at 2:56





David Mitchell defeated Justin Baesman by way of heel hook at 1:12






Michael Malott defeated Austin Hardt by way of heel hook at 4:52





Antoine Green defeated Lawrence Cordero by way of heel hook at 3:47






Ali Stiegler defeated Rebecca Bazemore by way of triangle at 7:53






Nick Sharp defeated Michael Humphrey by way of heel hook at 1:03





Zack Felkins defeated Kelvin Bicasan by way of heel hook at 1:02






Pedro Silva defeated Jacob Pupo by way of heel hook






Arturo Fernandez defeated Francisco Gutierrez by way of lapel choke at 6:19





Bryce Sexton defeated Kacey Sanders by way of calf slicer at 2:56






Youth MMA

From the ground being the focus of the fight to using it as an option, the smiles on a band of merry youngsters shifted into scowls at the referee’s orders to meet in the middle of the McClellan Conference Center.

Even though these growing mixed martial artists can throw punches and kicks, each strike is under a strict microscope of the officials from the United States Fight League (USFL), the regulatory arm overseeing the action of these child prodigies. In addition to any stand-up being closely monitored, other safety precautions, such as protective gear and rules barring attacks to the head, allow everyone to play another day—or the following weekend.

Youth MMA Results:

Analyse Rubio defeated Lexi Hazelton by way of arm bar in round 1 (:56)






Kris Arrey defeated Anthony Bernardo by way of arm bar in round 1 (:39)






PJ Acu defeated Angelo Murillo by way of unanimous decision






Zorin Tofoya defeated Mateo Montoya by way of arm bar in round 1 (:45)






Jayden Murillo defeated Mason Kutylowski by way of arm bar in round 3 (1:40)






Analyse Rubio defeated Trinity Provost by way of triangle in round 1 (1:30)






Amateur MMA

To close the evening, very few rules remained inside the cage when C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) certified killers charged toward one another at the bell’s call to action.

As Panda Cup solidifies its place in the region, the budding Sacramento-based promotion crowned three new champions to fill vacancies atop their flyweight, light heavyweight, and lightweight divisions.

Amateur MMA Results:

Michael Howard defeated Javier Martinez by way of unanimous decision for the Panda Cup Flyweight Title

Jesse Sanchez defeated Anthony Lopez by way of TKO in round 1 (1:50) for the Panda Cup Light Heavyweight Title

Julius Wright defeated Moses Daniyelyan by way of unanimous decision for the Lightweight Title

Matt Hampton defeated Edward Mackey by way of triangle in round 3 (:23)

Adam Avitia defeated Darius Stir by way of TKO in round 1 (1:26)

Dakari Turner defeated Elwinn Alvarez by way of unanimous decision

Aaron Graf defeated Robert Holson by way of guillotine in round 2 (:41)

Diego Bigelow defeated Cody Estes by way of TKO in round 1 (:25)

Brad Renton defeated Andrew Tran by way of unanimous decision

Joseph Lee defeated Wayne Darr by way of TKO in round 1 (:43)

The brains and brawn behind Panda Cup—Bubba Sorgman, Anthony Bivins, and Eric Miller—are already wrestling with how they’ll beef up the show upon their return next month—August 25—to the McClellan Conference Center.


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