Will Overtime Be Necessary When Michael Malott and Austin Hardt Tangle at Panda Cup?

By pairing Michael Malott and Austin Hardt in a grappling match on July 7, 2018, Panda Cup is transforming the “Gentle Art” of Jiu-Jitsu into a fierce clash on the canvas.

Along with offering a platform for youth and amateur mixed martial artists, the Sacramento-based promotion known as Panda Cup also caters to the grappling community, offering a portion of their card to some submission-only super-fights. Following an EBI (Eddie Bravo Invitational) format, practitioners are allotted an overtime period to race the clock as a means of securing victory. In the previous installment of Panda Cup early this year—April 21, neither Malott nor Hardt needed any more than regulation to twist their respective opposition into agony.

Team Alpha Male’s Malott, in his last outing, sent a shockwave of torture from the toes of his opponent to the pain receptors in their brain, wrenching an inescapable heel hook to force the tap.

Hardt, who trains in the heart of Berkeley at Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, appeared as though he was willing to ride out the opening time period; however, after adjusting his technique and cinching his grip like that of a vice, he earned the stoppage via buggy choke.

The complete list of grapplers spotlighted at Panda Cup includes:

Kody Vogels vs. Jonathan Lorens at 165-pounds

Yeppie Tomasian vs. Anthony Mercado at 195-pounds

Justin Baesman vs. David Mitchell at 180-pounds

Michael Malott vs. Austin Hardt at 170-pounds

Antoine Green vs. Lawrence Cordero at 155-pounds

Rebecca Bazemore vs. Ali Steigler at 135-pounds

Nick Sharp vs. Michael Humphrey at 155-pounds

Kelvin Bicasan vs. Zack Felkins at 175-pounds

Jacob Pupo vs. Pedro Silva at 170-pounds

Francisco Gutierrez vs. Arturo Fernandez at 205-pounds

Bryce Sexton vs. Kacey Sanders at 195-pounds


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