Panda Cup: Preview

The promoters of Panda Cup packed three tiers of developing practitioners of the martial arts, either mixed or singular, into their upcoming event on July 7, 2018.

From noon until the evening closes with the final Panda Cup title being wrapped around the winner’s waist, Panda Cup’s newly constructed cage in the heart of Sacramento’s McClellan Conference Center will house grapplers, youth mixed martial artists, and C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) registered cage fighters—oh my!

Jiu-Jitsu Super-Fights

Each of the grappling super-fighters, whether draped in the Gi or not, will follow the EBI (Eddie Bravo Invitational) ruleset; thereby, removing any opinions from the equation. In the event competitors can’t bring their contest to a conclusion within regulation, they enter overtime, where the battle to escape, or finish, a particular position—either on the back or in spiderweb—becomes a race against the clock.

The submission-only grappling portion includes:

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Kody Vogels vs. Jonathan Lorens at 165-pounds

Yeppie Tomasian vs. Anthony Mercado at 195-pounds

Justin Baesman vs. David Mitchell at 180-pounds

Micahel Malott vs. Austin Hardt at 170-pounds

Antoine Green vs. Lawrence Cordero at 155-pounds

Rebecca Bazemore vs. Alison Stiegler at 135-pounds

Nick Sharp vs. Michael Humphrey at 155-pounds

Kelvin Bicasan vs. Zack Felkins at 175-pounds

Jacob Pupo vs. Pedro Silva at 170-pounds

Francisco Gutierrez vs. Arturo Fernandez at 205-pounds

Bryce Sexton vs. Kacey Sanders at 195-pounds

Youth MMA

Sandwiched between submission-only super-fights and adults prepared to play punchy-face, a set of youngsters with scar-free skin will set out to steal the show—as they usually do. Following the strict guidelines set forth by the United States Fight League (USFL), safety is of the upmost importance.

The Youth MMA lineup reads as:

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Anthony Bernardo vs. Kris Arrey at 125-pounds

Trinity Provost vs. Analyse Rubio at 105-pounds

Lexi Hazelton vs. Breaunnah Robles at 105-pounds

Zorin Tofoya vs. Mateo Montoya at 95-pounds

PJ Acu vs. Angelo Murillo at 145-pounds

Mason Kutylowski vs. Jayden Murillo at 65-pounds

Amateur MMA

Spanning an array of those dipping their toes into MMA’s deadly waters for the first time to others on the verge of entering the next phase of their careers, eleven pairs of mixed martial artists will take center stage. Three belts are up for grabs—Flyweight, Light Heavyweight, and Lightweight, but every one of these fighters will fling leather in six-ounce bunches as if a championship is on the line.

The amateur MMA roster includes:

Image credit: Panda Cup

Michael Howard vs. Javier Martinez for the Panda Cup Flyweight Title

Frank Sanchez vs. Anthony Lopez for the Panda Cup Light Heavyweight Title

Julius Wright vs. Moses Daniyelyan for the Panda Cup Lightweight Title

Conor Micallef vs. Adam Avitia in the featherweight division

Dakarai Turner vs. Elwin Alvarez in the lightweight division

Edward Mackey vs. Matt Hampton in the featherweight division

Robert Holson vs. Aaron Graf at a catchweight (140-pounds)

Darius Stir vs. Jordan Stevens in lightweight division

Brad Renton vs. Andrew Jackson Tran in the featherweight division

Diego Bigelow vs. Cody Estes in the featherweight division

Wayne Darr vs. Joseph Lee in the bantamweight division

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