Week 2 of DWTNCS Is A Perfect Score for Northern California

Twenty percent of week two’s cast in Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series (DWTNCS) featured hot prospects out of Northern California: Anthony “Fluffy” Hernandez out of Marinoble’s Martial Arts & Kickboxing and MMAGOLD, as well as American Kickboxing Academy’s Dwight “The Body Snatcher” Grant. One hundred percent of these talented individuals walked away with contracts into the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Dwight “The Body Snatcher” Grant

Dwight Grant opened the episode with a bang. Any questions of cage rust—in regards to Grant’s nearly two year hiatus—were answered at the referee’s behest to begin action. Though it appeared Grant’s opposition, Tyler Hill, would attempt to live up to his nickname as “The Zombie,” walking in a trance toward strikes, the thirty-three-year-old welterweight, after measuring the appropriate distance, transformed into “The Body Snatcher,” slaying the, supposedly, undead.

Anthony “Fluffy” Hernandez

Entering DWTNCS with a heavy heart—recently losing his father to illness, Hernandez expressed every ounce of that weight with lead-filled fists against Jordan “The Beverly Hills Ninja” Wright. Any flashy kicks from Wright were negated by the LFA Middleweight Champion’s march forward, followed by a thunderous combination of right hands. Forty-seconds later, everyone logged into UFC Fight Pass witnessed how hard “Fluffy” hits.

The UFC’s head honcho, Dana White, selected four of the evening’s five winners to join the roster of their respective divisions, thereby, ushering two more threats into MMA’s elite organization from a region churning out champions of mixed martial arts.


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