Jaimelene “Queenie” Nievera Plans to Add to Her Flyweight Kingdom at #LFA42

Jaimelene Nievera (6-3) has become a royal pain in the neck for those she’s met in the middle of the cage at 125-pounds, and this beautiful bruiser out of the Bay Area looks to add another head to her trophy case when facing Katy “Red Dragon” Collins (7-4) at Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) 42.

Whether in victory or defeat, the one known as “Queenie” has demonstrated a willingness to satiate her subjects’ thirst for blood by only going to a decision once over the course of her professional career. After setting a solid foundation of her skillset in various promotions surrounding Northern California, Nievera appeared eager in an Instagram post to set foot on new soil after inking a deal with LFA.

As of late, Nievera has pieced together a pair of wins; her most recent stoppage, a violent submission at Gladiator Challenge in under a minute, was honored with NorCal MMA’s Submission of Night:

In order for Nievera to plant the flag of her San Francisco-based gym, Dragon House, in Branson, Missouri, she’ll be forced to do so in enemy territory. Though the last couple visits to LFA’s Octagon have caused a bit of a cooling trend for Collins, the “Red Dragon” will be backed by the fiery crowd of her hometown faithful when LFA enters the Branson Convention Center on June 8, 2018.

En route to Nievera establishing her monarchy in LFA’s flyweight division, anarchy will erupt on AXS TV at LFA 42.


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