Tyler Diamond Caused Dulani Perry to Bawl Before They Brawl

In each of Tyler Diamond’s nine professional bouts, his opponents have shed tears of heartache in the cage when they realized their best efforts weren’t enough to topple Team Alpha Male’s top prospect at 145-pounds. Prior to Oroville own’s next outing, Diamond, in dramatic fashion, drew drips from the ducts of Dulani Perry (4-0) during their face-off for the final preliminary fight of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): Undefeated.

Since this season of TUF premiered on FOX Sports 1, Diamond polished every detail from each episode of the UFC’s reality show in a special broadcast of the @norcalfightmma Podcast. In Episode 165 (link here) of the @norcalfightmma Podcast, Diamond, the number-one overall seed, revealed: the gravity of the nature ahead grew heavy for Perry while standing face-to-face in Las Vegas’ TUF Gym, thereby, the pressure, primed with Diamond’s nonstop prodding, caused Perry, who plays a brash character out of Texas, to bubble over from his eyehole.

Viewers of the Wednesday evening portal away from their day-to-day witnessed Perry attempt to press Diamond into his desired distance. Calm, cool, and collected, the camera captured Diamond’s dip from danger, shifting into a position where there’s no escape from the lifelong wrestler. Diamond recalled what transpired, “At first he touched my head, and I let it slide for a couple of seconds. Then, I was like, ‘Hell no!’ I’m not going to let this mother fucker put his finger on my head and keep me away from him, so I kinda dipped on in there and got real close.”

Over the course of each week, Diamond cued listeners in to scenes that would otherwise be camouflaged by TUF’s producers. The Global Knockout Featherweight Champion pulled back the curtain, explaining the high-stakes atmosphere he created when jawing with Perry, “They [the producers] didn’t show it, but I was talking a lot. I was telling him, ‘You’re a scared little boy. It’s all over.’ I was shit-talking a lot like, ‘It’s all over Dulani. Your career is done.’ And just really talking some mean stuff to him. I saw his lip quivering, and then, all of a sudden, that little tear came and everyone saw it.”

Honest as they come; if Diamond chopped down a cherry tree, he’d admit to it—and being a byproduct of rural Northern California, he likely has. Instead of piling more onto Perry in regards to that tense juncture, Diamond would attest the reaction was connected with nerves, not fear. “I don’t think Dulani is scared,” Diamond began. “But I think the whole competition became reality for him. He had to wait so long to fight that maybe he didn’t have it in his head anymore that there was the reality of a fight. Then, the reality of fighting came, and it came against one of the tougher guys in the competition—in me—so I just think it came down hard on him.”

Fight fans who tune-in each week to TUF: Undefeated can judge the tear-jerking episode for themselves, but Diamond will slam his fists like gavels in an effort punctuate the first portion of the competition before the semi-finals with his dominance—en route to becoming The Ultimate Fighter.


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