A Brawl In the Crowd at The Titans Cage 19 Ends the Amateur Show Early

June 2, 2018—The Titans Cage (TTC) 19 was scheduled to close with Kody Vogels and Julius Wright for the TTC Lightweight Title; however, a wild melee in the crowd caused the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department to cut the evening several scraps short.

After three rounds of mayhem between Francisco Ragsdale and Samuel James, both in and out of the cage, TTC’s ring announcer, Wayne Wilson, never rendered the judges’ scorecards because the poor choice of the audience—to not leave the fighting to those sanctioned by C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization)—created a chaotic scene.

The energy inside the Jackson Sports Academy spiked when Ragsdale and James were called to TTC’s canvas, and it never dipped below a red line. Though Ragsdale was making his amateur MMA debut, his following filled most of the venue.

During and between rounds, Ragsdale’s rabid fanbase, even after multiple warnings, refused to abide by the demands of TTC’s security: keep the aisles clear and remain where your seat’s proximity:

The final frame between Ragsdale and James concluded with the crowd favorite eating some undesirable knuckle-sandwiches:

Something about this sequence poured accelerant onto Ragsdale’s patrons, and they burned TTC 19 to the ground:

Although TTC is an all-amateur MMA promotion, the athletes placed on their cards personify professionalism. Kody Vogels, the reigning TTC Lightweight Champion representing Team Alpha Male, put things into perspective with a post on his Instagram after he discovered his opportunity to defend the title against Julius Wright from Marinoble’s Martial Arts and Kickboxing disappeared. Vogels shared, “We came; we put in work, and we were ready to fight. Good thing is we all got home safe and will be ready for the next one. Thank you to my opponent for showing up with the same attitude.”


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