Max “Pain” Griffin: No Pain, No Gain

Nobody understands the concept of “no pain, no gain” better than the UFC’s Max “Pain” Griffin (14-4); therefore, when David Weir Elementary School invited Griffin to their special ALL IN DAY as a guest speaker, the heavy-handed welterweight was honored to hit all the young hearts and minds inside the multi-purpose room with the cold hard fact: you can’t chase your dreams unless the accelerator is pressed firmly to the floorboard.

Before the children of David Weir Elementary School are released from their responsibilities for summer and Griffin cranks his training into high gear for UFC 226 on July 7th, the twentieth-ranked contender echoed the motto of ALL IN DAY, “No Pain, No Gain,” during the assembly with an age-old adage: when you’re knocked down nine times, you get up ten.

Griffin walked into Marinoble’s Martial Arts and Kickboxing as an eight-year-old ball of clay. Over the years, his sensei, Dave “Mad Man” Marinoble, molded his toughness, discipline, and unbreakable mindset. Interestingly enough, Griffin’s preparations for a sport “as real as it gets” forces him to continually keep his hands high, yet he doesn’t hesitate to let his guard down when sharing several hardships that attempted to thwart him from attaining the coveted position he holds today as a word class athlete.

Following Griffin’s visit to David Weir Elementary School, he reflected on the encounter with fondness and even flashed forward to the moment he eventually does decide to leave his four-ounce gloves in the center of the Octagon:

“Today was beyond amazing. I was blessed to visit David Weir Elementary School and be their guest at ALL IN DAY. “No Pain, No Gain” was the motto! Life is about giving back. Life is about impacting lives. After fighting I’m going to be a big time motivational speaker, life coach, seminars—all that. I want to thank Mrs. Reed and Mr. Khan for allowing me this opportunity. Thank you to my brother, Michael, for being my Uki. And finally, thanks to the kids. You guys have raw energy, and it’s genuine.”


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