Khari Snowden: The MMA Road Forks at Amateur or Pro

In the wake of winning his second championship belt as an amateur, Khari Snowden (5-1) now grapples with which direction he’ll go in his next step as a flourishing fighter: move to pro or remain at the status quo.

After Snowden snagged the 51 Fifty Bantamweight Title on May 19, 2018, the Modesto-made mixed martial artist, who also owns the 209 Beatdown Featherweight Title, visited MMA Pixels (link here) to discuss the twenty-four second stoppage at 51 Fifty Fight Night 4, training alongside a former opponent as well as at his primary gym, and whether the next cage he lands in will be as an amateur or a professional. 

Flashback to the First-Round TKO at 51 Fifty Fight Night 4

“Yeah, he [Frederick Doherty] took it on a couple days notice, so he comes in and was very aggressive, very wild. I knew he was going to be like that. He came forward, got it in the clinch, and I turned it around, threw a knee, dropped him, and I knew that was it from there. Just another day in the office.”

Training Camp

“I was supposed to fight in March. Unfortunately, I got sick and had to pull out. Then, I just continued my training camp from there. I was training with Chris Burton and his team [Beastmode MMA], and I’m also training with Modesto Power. We all trained together. It was a good camp. All of us had a great camp; all of us [Chris Burton and Edgar Quinonez] did great. We went 3-0 that night [51 Fifty Fight Night 4].”

Training With Chris Burton, A Former Opponent

“It was his night that night [209 Beatdown 1]. Honestly, it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me, even though I got KO’d. It opened up new doors, showed my vulnerabilities, and allowed me to train with him [Chris Burton], and they’ve welcomed me with open arms. I love it.”

Training at Modesto Power

“I have David McDaniels; I have Ernesto Villegas; I have Alex—he’s another good guy that will be fighting on 209 Beatdown coming up. Right now, I’m kind of in-between. I’m waiting to go pro or get another fight off first, but I want to help these guys get ready for this fight and then see what’s next for me.”

Competing In Muay Thai and Grappling

“I did a Muay Thai tournament, and I won that one. Then, I did a Grapple Fest tournament; that was awhile ago. I want to get another Jiu-Jitsu tournament in there again soon though. I love the Jiu-Jitsu tournaments, but I’m just staying away from injury right now.”

Any Injuries Following Your Recent Victory?

“Yeah, I’m injury-free. I have no injuries right now. My knees are all good, and those were big problems for me last year. That’s why I wasn’t able to fight as much. I’m injury-free right now, and now, I’m just waiting on getting fight offers.”

Pro vs. Amateur

“This was supposed to be my last amateur [fight]. I’m still talking to my coaches and teammates about it to see what they think. Chris Burton being my former opponent; he’s a big help. He gives me advice on all that stuff as well. I got offered 209 Beatdown, but unfortunately, it doesn’t match up with my schedule for that weekend. In December there’s a pro card in Wisconsin that I might be able to take.”

Traveling to Compete

“The furthest I’ve traveled was to Colorado. I love traveling for fights. It’s really fun going with your teammates. The only thing that sucks is cutting weight, obviously.”

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