51 Fifty Fight Night 4: Preview

51 Fifty is delivering another insane night of fistfights to the 51 Fifty Fitness Center in Livingston, California for their latest event entitled: 51 Fifty Fight Night 4.

Fourteen pairs of amateur mixed martial artists will meet in the center of 51 Fifty’s squared circle, surrounded by a gym packed with those interested in discovering the varied skillsets scattered throughout Northern California and the Central Valley.

According to camomma.org (link here), 51 Fifty Fight Night 4 will include:

Mike Tubera vs. David Lopez in the flyweight division

Ernie Juarez vs. Khari Snowden in the featherweight division

Philip Hattersley vs. Chris Burton in the lightweight division

Gregory Morales vs. Lamar Gosey in the light heavyweight division

Olivia Seppinni vs. Jacqueline Davis in the flyweight division

James Ramos vs. Edgar Quinonez in the featherweight division

Victoria Pham vs. Janelly Bermudez in the bantamweight division

Miguel Ballesteros vs. Gary Helm in the welterweight division

Alfonso Del Real vs. Fredy Calvo in the lightweight division

Frederick Doherty vs. Ernesto Villegas in the bantamweight division

Ricky Galvez vs. Robert Dickinson in the heavyweight division

Ronald Rodriguez Jr. vs. Carlos Iraheta in the featherweight division

Antonio Hernandez vs. Joseph Ohagan in the lightweight division

Gavin Sheehan vs. Beau Brooks in the flyweight division

For more information or tickets to 51 Fifty Fight Night 4, visit: www.carlosvieirafoundation.org/online-store/category/ticket.


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