Joaquin Lopez: KO Power as an MMAer and a Boxer

While the masses in MMA try to mimic Conor McGregor, the “Notorious” Irishman could untangle his mixed-up understanding about the way of a martial artist from Northern California’s own Joaquin Lopez.

Lopez is undefeated as a professional mixed martial artist, 4-0, leaving him every right to boast and carry on about his talents—especially since all of his wins required zero input from the judges. Instead of puffing out his chest and proclaiming an inauthentic passion to assess his handiwork in a boxing ring, the member of Mendo Training Center and Nor-Cal Fighting Alliance quietly climbed between the ropes on May 4, 2018 and demonstrated: whether there are four-ounces or twelve around his fists, each punch is laced with the same dynamic impact.

In an Instagram post following the flush KO in his pro boxing debut, Lopez humbly explained why this momentous occasion may have flown under the radar for many, paid respects to his opponent, and appreciated the efforts of his coaching staff and teammates. He shared, “Friday night, I fought a short-notice pro boxing match. I didn’t promote it, just because it was last-minute; wasn’t in an Octagon this time but the squared circle—same results: we got the KO in the first-round! As always, I credit my coaches, family, and teammates. The dream isn’t possible without all of you guys. Thank you all. Credit to my opponent [who] came out all the way from Iowa.”

Climbing the ranks in both boxing and MMA, this powerhouse prizefighter speaks volumes through action, instead of relying on witty banter and flashy wardrobes.


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