Tyler Diamond: TUF 27’s Number One Pick

Long before the premier of The Ultimate Fighter: Undefeated, Tyler Diamond (9-0) appeared in the viewfinder of Northern California’s fight fans as a promising featherweight prospect. With Diamond cast as a contestant in the UFC’s latest season of TUF, the twenty-six-year-old native of Oroville grabbed the attention of everyone tuned into FOX Sports 1 for TUF’s twenty-seventh premier once they witnessed Daniel Cormier, one of the TUF coaches, select the product of Team Alpha Male over every other competitor standing inside the infamous TUF Gym in Las Vegas.

After Cormier, the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, won the coin flip over Stipe Miocic, the UFC Heavyweight Champion and opposing TUF coach, he chose Diamond before anyone else as a means of bringing some shine to his orange team. Following the FOX Sports 1’s broadcast of TUF: Undefeated, Diamond, as he’ll do each week following TUF, joined the @norcalfightmma Podcast to recap his firsthand account of the UFC’s reality show. During Episode 145 of the @norcalfightmma Podcast (link here), the Global Knockout Featherweight Champ discussed DC’s decision to push him to the front of the line,

“I kind of expected to be one of the top picks because we were there a little bit before all the picks—like we stayed at Palace Station and they brought us to the workout room—so I knew who was there, who brought what skills cause you can look around and see what people are doing and how they look,” recalled Diamond. “I just knew going in that I was one of the top dogs there, and I just had a real good feeling that if Cormier got the coin toss, which he did, that he would pick me number one; I kind of had that bond with him instantly.”

In addition to Diamond donning a bullseye on his back for the remaining 145-pounders to target, he showcased a softer side, sharing his bond with DC that will strengthen over the coming weeks and likely last a lifetime,

“We’re both wrestlers, and I feel that I’m a pretty easy-going guy to talk to. He’s a great person, and I was honored to have him as my coach.” Diamond added, “I feel like he’s an amazing human being, and I just really appreciate him investing in me.”

TUF would be too easy without some drama, and Diamond found himself being drug into a rivalry with Team Stipe’s Suman Mokhatarian (8-0) from Australia. When Mokhatarian mentioned his desire to upset Team DC’s lead seed, Diamond was quick to clarify, “He don’t want that.”

TUF: Undefeated airs on Wednesdays at 7 pm PST. To further mine the details of each episode through Diamond’s perspective, you will need to connect to the live stream of the @norcalfightmma Podcast (link here) in the wake of TUF’s closing credits.


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