Panda Cup: Results & Recap

 April 21, 2018—The familiar Panda Cup name reintroduced itself to the Capital City’s conneseiurs of combat. In addition to the Youth MMA and Submission-Only Super-Fights the Sacramento-based promotion has hosted in the past, the decision-makers behind Panda Cup—Anthony Bivins, Bubba Sorgman, and Eric Miller—expanded their focus, adding amateur MMA to the docket, in a venue, the McClellan Conference Center, large enough to house their vast vision

Though each of the fifty competitors to enter Panda Cup’s steel enclosure were welcomed equally by the ring announcer, Jim Cooley (@voiceofchampions), there were several moments over the course of the evening that captured the undivided attention of everyone in the audience. Most notably, the collection of belts handed out amongst the various kids, the inaugural Panda Cup Featherweight Championship to close the show, and a special grappling match featuring UFC Welterweight Max “Pain” Griffin against Team Alpha Male’s Orion Cosce.

NorCal MMA Performances of the Night

KO of the Night: Javier Martinez







Fight of the Night #1: Calob Ramirez and Mike Green






Fight of the Night #2: Frank Sanchez and Scott Wittlsey






Panda Cup’s complete results include:

Youth MMA

Alyssa Campos defeated Breannuh Robles by way of split-decision.

Jayden Murillo defeated Raelin Ballestros by way of arm bar in round 1 (:35).

Raul Rosas Jr. defeated Cyrus Pavoor by way of split-decision.

Jacob Martinez defeated AJ Lemos by way of TKO in round 1 (1:33).

David Kellogg Jr. defeated Josh Pardo by way of arm bar in round 1 (:23).

Christian Jenchi defeated Ashkon Fathi by way of guillotine choke in round 1 (1:22).

Lea Bivins defeated Analyse Rubio by way of arm bar in round 1 (:47).

Daymeond Molina defeated Kevin Rosas Jr. by way of unanimous decision.

Jaylenne Martinez defeated Jourdan Gumpfer by way of arm bar in round 2 (1:21).

Ricardo Angulo defeated Joseph Martinez by way of unanimous decision.

Trinity Provost defeated Breannuh Robles by way of split-decision.

Haylie Gumpfer defeated Trista Stordahl by way of unanimous decision.

Jesse Rosas defeated JoJo Sorgman by way of triangle choke in round 1 (:44).

Submission-Only Super-Fights

Austin Hardt defeated Tanner Ford by way of buggy choke.

Yeppie Tomasian defeated Brady Wicklund in overtime.

Bryce Sexton defeated Anthony Mercado in overtime.

Michael Malott defeated Zack Felkins by way of heel hook.

Julion Flowers defeated Larry White by way of lapel choke.

Skylar Souza defeated Kody Vogels in overtime.

Orion Cosce defeated Max Griffin in triple overtime.

Amateur MMA

Javier Martinez defeated Cory Carrino by way of KO in round 2 (:57).

Edward Mackey defeated Stephen Foung by way of unanimous decision.

Nick Dillman defeated Jon Garcia by way of unanimous decision.

Frank Sanchez defeated Scott Wittlsey by way of doctor’s stoppage in round 2 (:28).

Mike Green defeated Calob Ramirez by way of split-decision.

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