Panda Cup *Live Results*

From within the walls of the McClellan Conference Center in Sacramento, Panda Cup has assembled a variety bag of controlled violence. In addition to amateur MMA, patrons of Panda Cup will also be served a collection of youth MMA that follows a strict Pankration ruleset and several submission-only grappling super-fights—one of which will feature UFC Welterweight Max “Pain” Griffin.

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Panda Cup results:

Youth MMA

Trinity Provost vs. Breannuh Robles at 114-pounds

  • Result: Provost def. Robles by way of split-decision

Cyrus Pavoor vs. Raul Rosas at 105-115-pounds

  • Result: Rosas Jr. def. Pavoor by way of split-decision

Raelin Ballestros vs. Jayden Murillo at 60-pounds

  • Result: Murillo def. Ballestros by way of arm bar in round 1 (:35)

AJ Lemos vs. Jacob Martinez at 145-pounds

  • Result: Martinez def. Lemos by way of TKO in round 1 (1:33)

Josh Pardo vs. David Kellogg Jr. at 75-pounds

  • Result: Kellogg def. Pardo by way of arm bar in round 1 (:23)

Ashkon Fathi vs. Christian Jenchi at 120-pounds 

  • Result: Jenchi def. Fathi by way of guillotine choke in round 1 (1:22)

Lea Bivins vs. Analyse Rubio at 115-pounds

  • Result:

Daymeond Molina vs. Kevin Rosas at 140-pounds

  • Result: Molina def. Rosas by way of unanimous decision

Jourdan Gumpfer vs. Jaylenne Martinez at 135-pounds

  • Result: Martinez def. Gumpfer by way of arm bar in round 2 (1:21)

Breannuh Robles vs. Alyssa Campos at 110-pounds 

  • Result: Campos def. Robles by way of split-decision

Anthony Bernardo vs. Kris Arrey at 115-pounds

  • Result: Arrey def. Bernardo by way of arm bar in round 1 (1:25)

Haylie Gumpfer vs. Trista Stordahl at 145-pounds

  • Result: Gumpfer def. Stordahl by way of unanimous decision

Jesse Rosas vs. Jo Sorgman at 120-pounds

  • Result: Rosas def. Sorgman by way of triangle in round 1 (:44)

Lea Bivins vs. Analyse Rubio at 115-pounds

  • Result: Bivins def. Rubio by way of arm bar in round 1 (:41)

Ricardo Angulo vs. Joseph Martinez at 115-pounds

  • Result: Angulo def. Martinez by way of unanimous decision

Submission-Only Super-Fights

Max Griffin vs. Orion Cosce 

  • Result: Cosce def. Griffin in overtime

Kody Vogels vs. Skylar Souza 

  • Result: Souza def. Vogels in overtime

Julion Flowers vs. Larry White

  • Result: Flowers def. White by way of lapel choke

Dominic Pasquale vs. Darrin Cooley

  • Result:

Zack Felkins vs. Michael Malott

  • Result: Malott def. Felkins by way of heel hook

Anthony Mercado vs. Bryce Sexton

  • Result: Sexton def. Mercado in overtime

Yeppie Tomasian vs. Brady Wicklund

  • Result: Tomasian def. Wicklund in overtime

Austin Hardt vs. Tanner Ford 

  • Result: Hardt def. Ford by way of bunny choke

Amateur MMA

Cameron Church vs. Chris Mitchell for the Panda Cup Lightweight Title 

  • Result:

Calob Ramirez vs. Mike Green in the featherweight division

  • Result: Green def. Ramirez way of split-decision

Frank Sanchez vs. Scott Wittlsey in the cruiserweight division 

  • Result: Sanchez def. Wittlsey by way of doctor’s stoppage in round 2 (:28)

Nick Dillman vs. Jon Garcia in the welterweight division

  • Result: Dillman def. Garcia by way of unanimous decision

Stephen Foung vs. Edward Mackey in the lightweight division 

  • Result: Mackey def. Foung by way of unanimous decision

Corry Carrino vs. Javier Martinez in the flyweight division

  • Result: Martinez def. Carrino by way of KO in round 2 (:57)



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