Where Will Northern California’s Fight Fans Be on April 21st?

Whether you reside in Northern California or the Central Valley, there is likely a cage filled with fiery fists of fury within reach on April 21, 2018.

Like a constellation in the night sky, the developing stars in mixed martial arts can be traced throughout the state in several different promotions: Rogue Fights, 559 Fights, and Panda Cup.

559 Fights 64

Even after sixty-three events, 559 Fights, an all-amateur organization in the Central Valley, continues to make history in their upcoming production, which will stream live on FloCombat, 559 Fights 64: Avalos vs. Davis. A thirteen fight card with the 559 Fights Welterweight Title on the line will fill Fresno’s Double Tree by Hilton Hotel.

According to camomma.org (link here), 559 Fights 64 includes:

Christian Avalos vs. Robert Davis for the 559 Fights Welterweight Title

Leo Cantu vs. Ryan Yates in the cruiserweight division

Nathaniel Garcia vs. Freddy Tapia in the featherweight division

Austin Liu vs. Aritra Roy in the bantamweight division

Chris Castro vs. Johnny Maldonado in the flyweight division

Toodie Marshall vs. Barbara Quiroz in the strawweight division

Heidi Adams vs. Laura Beverly Holik in the flyweight division

Joseph Gaceta vs. Jared Velasquez in the light heavyweight division

Alex Orovitz vs. Joseph Stratton Thurrott in the middleweight division

Donaven Sharp vs. Robert Holson in the bantamweight division

Joseph Robinson vs. Anthony Robertson in the lightweight division

Erik Lawson vs. David Ruezga in the welterweight division

Cody Scharmer vs. Immanuel Ramirez in the featherweight division

Rogue Fights 38

Rogue Fights returns to the Win-River Casino in Redding for their latest installment: Rogue Fights 38. Fourteen pairs of competitors, two professional and twelve amateur, will step inside the tribesmen’s cage, though only half will have their hands raised at the end of the night.

Rogue Fights 38’s roster, as posted on their Facebook page (link here), contains the following athletes:


Javahn Matthews vs. Jonathan Morris in the welterweight division

Jumoke Hunter vs. Mike Sandoe in the welterweight division


Ryan Wilson vs. Jon Sherwood for the Rogue Fights Welterweight Title

Michael Humphrey vs. Kevin VanDelinder for the Rogue Fights Featherweight Title

Rocky Batten vs. Scott Hayward in the featherweight division

Chad Guffin vs. Hunter Wilson in the flyweight division

Dupra Lee vs. Spenser Stevenson in the welterweight division

Brian Burns vs. Clayton Hibben in the featherweight division

Scottie Stockman vs. Conan Orozco in the featherweight division

Adam Quintanar vs. Marc McMahon in the lightweight division

Connor Micallef vs. Casey Hofhenke in the featherweight division

Fredrick Dorathy vs. Pillo Torrez in the bantamweight division

Brian Stegner vs. Leon Cavalli in the flyweight division

Gina Pike vs. TBD in the strawweight division

Panda Cup

From within the walls of the McClellan Conference Center in Sacramento, Panda Cup has assembled a variety bag of controlled violence. In addition to amateur MMA, patrons of Panda Cup will also be served a collection of youth MMA that follows a strict Pankration ruleset and several submission-only grappling super-fights—one of which will feature UFC Welterweight Max “Pain” Griffin.

As of now, the lineup at Panda Cup consists of:

Youth MMA

To be determined

Submission-Only Grappling

Max Griffin vs. Orion Cosce

Kody Vogels vs. Skylar Souza

Dominic Pasquale vs. Darrin Cooley

Zack Felkins vs. Michael Malott

Anthony Mercabo vs. Bryce Sexton

Amateur MMA

Cameron Church vs. Chris Mitchell for the Panda Cup Lightweight Title

Calob Ramirez vs. Mike Green in the featherweight division

Frank Sanchez vs. Scott Wittlsey in the cruiserweight division

Nick Dillman vs. Jon Garcia in the welterweight division

Stephen Foung vs. Edward Mackey in the lightweight division

Corry Carino vs. Javier Martinez in the flyweight division


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