Tyler Diamond: Not the Normal Red Panty Night

MMA, a sport as real as it gets, has fans that are out of this world.

Fresh from isolating himself for weeks on end while taping the twenty-seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), TUF: Undefeated, Tyler Diamond (9-0) returned home to a disturbing request from one of his followers on social media. Instead of the standard seeking of a signature, pair of gloves, or walkout T-shirt, this strapping stud out of Team Alpha Male had someone slide into his direct messages and ask for a pair of his underwear!

As Diamond, who currently holds the Global Knockout Featherweight Title, broadcasts the smooth curves of his MMA game when TUF: Undefeated premiers on FOX Sports 1 in mid-April, this twenty-six-year-old with rugged good looks rooted in Oroville, California, may be subjected to more—and possibly even stranger—inquiries as he pursues a title in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.


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