NorCal MMA’s Preview of The Titans Cage 18

Every MMA event hosted by Sacramento’s leading all-amateur promotion, The Titans Cage (TTC), creates an ideal stage to watch the sport evolve before your eyes.

From the first batch of participants, youngsters competing under a strict Pankration ruleset, to amateur mixed martial artists making their trek toward the professional ranks, the latest offering from TTC, TTC 18, will showcase every facet, from rudimentary to the characteristics of a prizefighter, of the game.

Following five, youth MMA bouts, fifteen pairs of C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) licensed athletes will take center stage inside the McClellan Conference Center on March 17, 2017. At the top of TTC 18, Carlos Figueroa, who currently holds the TTC Featherweight Title, and Kody Vogels will contend for a pot of TTC gold to wear around their waist at 155-pounds.

According to (link here), TTC 18’s lineup includes:

Carlos Figueroa vs. Kody Vogels for the TTC Lightweight Championship

Blake Degmetich vs. Alan Benson in the middleweight division

Eiycaireon Tavarres vs. Christopher Gonzalez in the welterweight division

Alexander Moreno vs. Cornelius Savage in the middleweight division

Carlos Ortiz vs. Stephen Foung in the lightweight division

Skyler King vs. Lonny Garbrick in the heavyweight division

Brad Renton vs. Aaron Graf in the featherweight division

Gabriel Dolce-Pacheco vs. Manjinder Johal in the lightweight division

Alicia Degmetich vs. Alyssa Pallen in the bantamweight division

Jason Arvizu vs. Jonathan Sanchez in the featherweight division

Arsen Yessengaliyev vs. Rick James in the featherweight division

Robert Holson vs. Philip Schwartz in the bantamweight division

Nick Dillman vs. Jon Garcia in the welterweight division

Diego Bigelow vs. Devin Buck in the featherweight division

Kedrick Shadley vs. Dakari Turner in the lightweight division

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