Vince Murdock Loses at Super Fight League Due to Horrendous Decision-Making, Again

March 3, 2018—Vince Murdock’s training at Team Alpha Male (TAM) prior to competing in India’s Super Fight League (SFL) should have consisted of crossing the paths of black cats, walking under an endless supply of ladders, and smashing one mirror after another because he was handed his second straight loss by the country’s officials like two strikes of lightning hitting in the exact same point.

A couple weeks before his match-up with Vikas Dahiya, Murdock was stopped on his stool between rounds because a doctor determined a cut on the side of his head, an injury that didn’t impair his vision nor hinder his heath in any way, was too severe to continue. In an interview with MMA Today (link here), Murdock shared that the promotion sided with him on the matter that the stoppage was unjust. Though much of the conversation centered around SFL’s promoters, Bill Dosanjh and Amir Khan, not attending to Murdock’s pleas to correct the error in judgment, there must have been some sort of resolution reached because Murdock reappeared in the five-week team tournament.

Amid a storm of screaming fans and blaring horns, controversy, once again, swirled around the member of TAM. After absorbing an unintentional kick to the groin from Dahiya, Murdock used his allotted time, regained his composure, and returned to action. Soon thereafter, Dahiya targeted Murdock’s inner thigh with his shin, but it appeared to catch a portion of Murdock’s manhood in the process, especially based on the immediate reaction of the pro since 2012.

Instead of offering Murdock another five-minutes to recover or even entertaining the idea that such a strike to a particular region of the body could have illegally grazed him, the referee waved off the contest and ruled it as a TKO. With tattooed legs like tree stumps bearing the initials of star-crossed lovers, the likelihood of an inside leg kick causing a hardened native of Michigan to crumple is, at best, laughable.


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