Bay Area Combat: Preview

When Bay Area Combat (BAC) constructs their cage inside the Solano Fairgrounds on March 10, 2018, the amateur mixed martial artists surrounding the region will showcase their award-winning quality, hogtying their opposition into suffocating submissions or swinging punches and kicks like a bucking bronco.

The best-in-show at BAC, of course, are the headliners, Joseph Kropschot vs. Noah Christie, who wish to claim the BAC Middleweight Title along with the pair in the co-main event, Anthony Beal vs. Freddy Rodriguez, challenging for the BAC Lightweight Title. Steve Barnett, BAC’s owner and matchmaker, combs Northern California’s MMA scene in search of talent, and his upcoming installment of BAC will demonstrate how well-groomed many of the sport’s competitors throughout ‘The Golden State’ truly are.

According to (link here), BAC’s fight card includes:

Joseph Kropschot vs. Noah Christie For the BAC Middleweight Title

Anthony Beal vs. Freddy Rodriguez for the BAC Lightweight Title

Jess Bluth vs. Diego Lopez in the welterweight division

Adam DeNu vs. Jorge Carrasco in the middleweight division

Danny Peoples vs. Raymond Lopez in the lightweight division

Michele Baino vs. Giovanni Amador Rosales in the lightweight division

Anthony Garon vs. Mark Vargas in the welterweight division

Sal Osorio vs. Egenio Garcia in the lightweight division

Oscar Hernandez vs. Quentin Wright in the light heavyweight division

Peter Ishiguro vs. Elisha Soliz in the featherweight division

Gabriel Juarez vs. Yong Hyeon Cho in the bantamweight division

Leo Leon vs. Thiago Dos Santos in the featherweight division

Jeff Hermann vs. Nik Runnion in the lightweight division

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