Brandon Laroco: A Martial Artist Eager to Mix It Up at #DragonHouse28

Although no flash photography is allowed from the crowd inside San Francisco’s Kezar Pavilion, the style of Brandon ‘Little Beast’ Laroco (3-1) provides plenty of electricity to produce the picture perfect shot.

Willing to bounce between bantamweight and featherweight, Laroco, interestingly enough, has greatly struggled to find an opponent, which means: the word on this hot prospect out Rapacon’s Martial Arts and Combat Fitness in Vallejo has spread like wildfire.

In all three of Laroco’s wins, the dynamic Kajukenbo specialist finished each contest without a care in the world of the judges’ opinions—two submissions and one TKO, and his sole loss forced his opposition to drag him the entire fifteen-minutes. By penning a deal to face John Cardenas (2-0), a hungry up-and-comer, at Dragon House 28, fight fans in Northern California—as well as around the world by accessing Dragon House MMA’s pay-per-view stream—are in for fireworks at 145-pounds. Prior to their encounter on March 24, 2018, Laroco kicked around some questions with Zhong Lou, the owner and Matchmaker of Dragon House MMA, in a pre-fight interview (link here).

Background in Martial Arts

“My uncle used to teach me boxing. He was an amateur boxer. I eventually took up wrestling in middle school. After middle school, this is where I found my gym: Rapacon’s Martial Arts and  Combat Fitness in Vallejo. Ever since then, I’ve just been doing it. I never really thought I’d compete. I sort of just fell into it. I loved it, and I just kept competing and doing it.”

The Origin of His Style

“The only traditional martial arts I’ve done is Kajukenbo. We’re a Kajukenbo school; we’re based off the traditional martial arts. It’s a really good martial art to learn.”

Thoughts on Fighting John Cardenas

“Nobody wants to fight him. Nobody wants to fight me. Those are the kind of fights I want. He’s 2-0 for a reason. I respect him. He is who he is. I’m excited to fight him.”

Unlocking the Mystery of John Cardenas

“As far as his pro career, he’s finished all his fights in the first-round; amateur career, I’ve seen a little bit of. He’s a good fighter. He likes to submit. Some fights I’ve seen him strike. It should be a pretty good, exciting fight. We’re probably going to go back-and-forth, and I can’t wait to get in the cage with him.”

Bantamweight or Featherweight Weight

“I walk around at 155 or 160 right now, depending on the weight I go down to. If I’m fighting at 45, of course I’m going to eat more and try to be heavier. When I’m at 35, I try to cut down a little bit and be lighter during the fight camp. My body is pretty lenient with me, so I can fluctuate whenever I want pretty easy.”

Future Plans As A Mixed Martial Artist

“I’m, for sure, looking to have a professional career in the UFC, maybe Bellator someday. Any way, shape, or form to be successful in this sport. It’s all I know. I’ve been doing it since I was thirteen, so I really know nothing else. I’ve been in the gym for hours upon hours. I’m just praying for that one day when somebody picks me up, and I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing: beliveing, training, and somebody will pick me up someday.”

Social Media

Instagram: @brandonbraaandon


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