Alex Lopez: Moving On Up at Dragon House 28

Alex Lopez (3-1), a naturally designed welterweight, has accepted a bout at 185-pounds as a means of pursuing the Dragon House MMA Middleweight Title on March 24, 2018.

The opportunity to pass on an added ten-pounds around his waist was too great for Lopez to not bulk up to a larger weight class for the upcoming Dragon House event: Dragon House 28. Lopez will meet Jordan Williams (5-2), who also built his career at 170-pounds, in Dragon House 28’s main event, and the long standing member of Kugtar MMA in Salinas, California discussed his fever for gold with Zhong Lou (link here), the promotion’s CEO and Matchmaker.

Who Is Alex Lopez?

“What’s up guys! I’m Alex. I’m from Salinas, California. I’ve been training from Kugtar MMA, a smaller gym in Salinas, for the past seven years. That’s where I started at seven years ago, and it’s been my home since. I’ve had the same coaches, same training partners, just grinding it out and chasing a dream.”

“I was born in Salinas but raised down south for most of my youth. I came back to Salinas for work, walked into the MMA gym when I was 24 or 25—I started a little bit late—but no excuses; I’m chasing a dream and trying my best.”

Following A Loss

“Coming off a loss at Bellator [183] back in September, it was a split. I definitely think the last round could have gone either way. I’m not taking anything away from Fernando [Gonzalez-Trevino]; he’s a tough opponent—a good guy.”

Dragon House 28 vs. Jordan Williams

“He’s a true 170-pounder, just like me. I think he’s having a hard time making 170, so we’re making the bout at 185, which I’m fine with. He’ll probably be a little bit bigger than me. I’ve always fought bigger guys than me and I’ve always smashed, so I’m not too worried about it. I don’t really know the guy too well, so I can’t say anything bad about him, and we’ll go out there and fight it out and see what happens.”

Game Plan

“He’s a good wrestler; that’s expected. I’ve fought good wrestlers all my life, and I’ve done alreight. We’ll sprawl; we’ll stuff the takedowns and keep it standing, if he wants to stand. And we’ll bang it out.”

Training Routine

“I do a lot of cardio. I’m not going to lie. I love cardio. I run; I bike; I swim. I don’t get tired when I fight. I’ll say this: If Jordan doesn’t put me out in the first round, he’s going to have a hard time putting me out in the second or third cause I’m going to take him to deep water and give you guys a good fight.”

Social Media

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