Jordan Williams Will Chase Gold at Dragon House 28

Jordan Williams (5-2) has outgrown his welterweight shell. Instead, he’ll attempt to wrap himself in a new home at 185-pounds when competing, and moving day is scheduled for March 24, 2018  at Dragon House MMA 28.

After inking the deal to face Alex Lopez in Dragon House 28’s main event, the representative of Nor-Cal Fighting Alliance (NCFA) primed Zhong Luo, the CEO and Matchmaker of the decade-old fight organization based in the Bay Area, and anyone else looking forward to an evening loaded with local talent during a pre-fight interview (link here) as to what they can expect when he challenges for the Dragon House MMA Middleweight Title.

Background and Entrance Into MMA

“I’m a freestyle fighter. I came from a small town east of Sacramento. I did a lot of wrestling out there. I grew up in Wisconsin before then, did a lot of Mid-West action [wrestling] out there. I grew up to be an All-American wrestler, placed in the nation, won a state title. I made the transition over to MMA one day when my friend brought up the idea like, ‘Hey man, this guy thinks I could be a really good fighter; I think you should try it out, too.’ I always watched UFC on TV, but I never really pictured myself doing it until my friend brought up the idea, and here I am: eight years later and still living out the dream.”

A Long Layoff

“It’s been a little bit of a break; it’s been a process since my last fight: there were fights that dropped out, injuries, cut a week before the fight and got eight stitches put in my eye, promotions that have just dropped out, so it’s been a lot of pieces of the puzzle that just haven’t lined up. I’m now here [Dragon House 28]; I have the green from my coach. I want to thank Dave Terrell so much for allowing me to take this fight, and I also want to thank my sponsors: Cap Stone Roofing, my boss and also a sponsor who let me take time off to do this fight.”

Transitioning From Welterweight to Middleweight

“I’ve grown up—and getting older—the weight cut is harder. I’m a diabetic, so the weight cuts for a diabetic—Type 1—is really hard on the body. I had some complications this past year where it’s better for me, as a career choice, to go up a weight class and see how my performance can match the weight jump.”

Walk Around Weight

“When we’re talking about a walk where I just got up off the couch, I’ll be about 200 to 205. When I’m walking around after a run, and active, it’s 195. You’re going to see the best me; the most athletic Jordan Williams that anyone has ever seen before, and I want to bring that hype with the weight jump.”

Thoughts on Alex Lopez

“First off, thank you. There have been a lot of people who turned down the fight, and I appreciate you taking this fight. He’s a stand-up guy. I’ve fought these types of people before; I know how to handle them, and I’m not really worried about it.”

What’s the Game Plan?

“My game plan for this fight is: total domination and control. From the bell—from the pace—I’m going to control whether it goes up, whether it goes down on the ground, how many breaths he gets with me in his face; it’s going to be on my will. That’s what it is, and that’s what it’s going to take for me to bring home the belt.”

Championship Training and Diet

“My diet is going to be the same as for any regular fight. The style of the fighter doesn’t change my diet. I have five to six meals a day of measured out grams of carbs, and proteins ,and omegas and fats for good energy, and just a lot of the tricks my nutritionists have taught me over the years. For my style and him [Lopez] being a stand-up fighter, I’m just going to train what I know best, which is: I’m a jack of all trades. I started in wrestling, so, of course, I’m going to be getting my ground work on point, which is important. But you need to keep your hands up and everything tight Mr. Lopez, and I’ll see you March 24th.”

Connect with Jordan Williams

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