209 Beatdown 4 *Live Results*

Days after the illuminated ball drops to welcome 2018, JR Entertainment—on January 6, 2018—will deliver an age-old sport to Northern California’s fight fans with 209 Beatdown 4.

More raucous than any party attended to close 2017, 209 Beatdown 4 has scheduled a stacked event, as their previous three shows have been, in an attempt to pop the roof of the Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium like a cork. From the first fight of the evening to the final three championship bouts on the card, each of the fourteen amateur contests are tailor-made to spark fireworks.

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209 Beatdown 4’s results include:

Mike Tubera vs. Nigel Archer Jr. for the 209 Beatdown Flyweight Title

  • Result: Tubera def. Archer by way of split-decision

Brandon Olson vs. Rocky Batten for the 209 Beatdown Lightweight Title

  • Result: Olson def. Batten by way of key lock in round 1 (1:21)

Ernie Juarez vs. Conon Orozco for the vacant 209 Beatdown Featherweight Title

  • Result: Juarez def. Orozco by way of unanimous decision

Tony Charles vs. Robert Davis in the middleweight division

  • Result: Davis def. Charles by way of split-decision

Ashley Thiner vs. Tricia Straight in the flyweight division

  • Result: Thiner def. Straight by way of unanimous decision

Nicholas Sanchez vs. Gabriel Freyre in the lightweight division

  • Result: Freyre def. Sanchez by way of TKO in round 3 (1:21)

Olin Pettit Jr. vs. Fredy Calvo in the featherweight division

  • Result: Pettit Jr. def. Calvo by way of rear naked choke in round 3 (1:32)

Solomon Valentine vs. Brian Walker in the welterweight division

  • Result: Walker def. Valentine by way of unanimous decision

Ricky Lopez vs. Gabriel Juarez in the bantamweight division

  • Result: Lopez def. Juarez by way of unanimous decision

Trrone Wills vs. Philip Schwartz in the flyweight division

  • Result: Schwartz def. Schwartz by way of rear naked choke in round 2 (1:51)

Jared Velasquez vs. John Hurney in the light heavyweight division

  • Result:

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