GKO 12: Cancelled

Much like the unexpected finish during an MMA fight, Global Knockout (GKO) left everyone’s, from fighters to fans alike, jaws agape when hitting the athletes on their upcoming card with some disheartening news: GKO 12 had been cancelled.

The roster of regional talent was garnering greater amounts of interest with each announcement for February 3, 2018. From the GKO Middleweight Title, featuring the current champion Angel ‘The Dream’ DeAnda opposite the young, undefeated brute Brandon ‘The Beast’ Hester, to amateurs receiving such a grand stage to compete on, the buzz surrounding each contest grew in intensity. However, out of nowhere, the plug was pulled on GKO 12, and each mixed martial artist, after planning on shining under the bright lights, was left in the dark.

GKO has acted as a gateway from the local scene to the worldwide market for a number of competitors they’ve contracted or crowned as champions. Hopefully, news will flood timelines soon as to when the promotion based out of Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort is back in business.


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