209 Beatdown 4’s Three Championship Bouts

JR Entertainment, the creators of 209 Beatdown, will attempt to blur the line between amateur and professional MMA with three tilts for titles atop their upcoming card, 209 Beatdown.

Thirteen pairs of mixed martial artists will dazzle those inside the Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium on Saturday, January 6, 2018, and the all-amateur promotion ensured their card with shine by positioning the 209 Beatdown Lightweight, Featherweight, and Flyweight Title on the line.

Mike Tubera vs. Nigel Archer Jr. for the 209 Beatdown Flyweight Title

Mike ‘Mean Phillapene’ Tubera (8-5) owns more experience than most amateurs. Unfortunately, an injury forced an extended layoff and a need to reestablish his footing. Tubera felt his life-meter was at full capacity a couple months ago at War FC 1, and he claimed their strap at 125-pounds with a guillotine in thirty-six seconds. The member of The Fight House is eager to travel from his home in Modesto to acquire another title to add to his mantel.

All of Nigel Archer Jr.’s losses occurred in 2017, and the product of Vacaville’s Prado Academy has already placed last year in the rear view mirror. When Archer Jr. introduced himself to the MMA scene in 2013, he strung together three consecutive finishes: one KO and two submissions. An emphatic victory at 209 Beatdown 4 can turn his current .500 record from a fork at the impasse to a trip down MMA’s yellow-brick-road.

Chris Burton vs. Conan Orozco for the 209 Beatdown Featherweight Title

The ‘Cross’ in Chris ‘Cross’ Burton (5-3) typically denotes the power in either his right or left hand, but leading in to 209 Beatdown 4 against Conan Orozco, it also flaunts the anger the up-and-comer out of Team Alpha Male and Beastmode MMA houses toward his future foe. After Orozco defeated Burton’s teammate at 209 Beatdown 3, Burton, the former 209 Beatdown Featherweight Champion and current 209 Beatdown Bantamweight Champion, envisions killing two birds with one stone: settle a score and reunite with his beloved belt.

Conan ‘The Barbarian’ Orozco (2-1) is on a quest to conquer all at 145-pounds in California. Not only is Orozco the outsider, making the trek from American Kickboxing Academy and Salinas Boxing Gym, but he owns approximately one-third of the experience. Orozco’s two previous performances ended with brutal knockouts, and he anticipates the wrecking machine bestowed in any one of his lethal strikes will level the playing field.

Brandon Olson vs. Rocky Batten for the 209 Beatdown Lightweight Title

Brandon ‘Livermore Larupper’ Olson (5-2) is picking up in 2018 where he left off in 2017. After logging a half-dozen matches over the course of twelve months—one of which earned him the 209 Beatdown Lightweight Title—Olson decided to push forward at full steam, defending his belt as soon as the opportunity arose. In addition to handing out a beating at 209 Beatdown 4, the young prodigy out of CSA Gym and the Nick Diaz Academy will give all the proceeds from his ticket sales to water4.org, an organization established to help build wells in Africa. Regardless of where the tally hangs on Olson’s record to close the evening, everyone will be a winner because of his selflessness.

Rocky Batten’s singular, sweet success in the sport is sandwiched between two sour losses. After Batten’s recent loss at Rogue Fights 36, he’s eager to shake the negative crust from his competitive edge and return to his winning ways.

To any fight fans in the Northern California area debating whether they should swing by the Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium for 209 Beatdown 4, let it be known: missing any one of these three championship affairs would be considered a strikeout.


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