A Mixed Martial Artist’s Greatest Opportunity to Win Is at Team Alpha Male

When Team Alpha Male (TAM) adopted the motto: Team Alpha Male versus Everyone, their winning percentage over the course of 2017 showed the squadron’s ability to successfully practice what they preach.

By referencing tapology.com, a tally of victories, defeats, and draws/no contests amongst several world class teams, such as TAM (link here), Jackson Wink MMA (link here), American Top Team (link here), and Nova Unaio (link here) revealed the cream of MMA’s crop rises to the top once it’s churned out of Northern California. Additionally, both amateur and professional mixed martial artists, from the UFC to the first time their toes touch a blood-stained canvas, were accounted for when examining each team.

Team Alpha Male

In a game of fifty-fifty, TAM boasted a success rate this calendar year that exceeded well beyond standard expectations. Of the 107 contests logged while flying TAM’s banner, there were seventy-five instances where a member of the Sacramento school had their hand raised in triumph, which calculated to: a favorable outcome seventy percent of the time. Highlighting the team’s pursuit of continued growth in the sport, the pack, led by UFC Hall of Fame Inductee Urijah Faber, scored thirty-two wins from their group of amateurs.

Jackson Wink MMA

Jackson Wink MMA shipped their pugilists from the desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico to every corner of the globe for a total of 134 fist-fights. With sixty-seven wins scored in 2017, it was a toss of the coin whether a mixed martial artist would return to the gym in high spirits—or bury their head in the sand.

American Top Team (Coconut Creek, Florida)

Based in Florida’s peninsula, American Top Team (ATT) has a historic narrative in MMA’s landscape. ATT fueled 2017’s fight game with 159 contracted assassins, but their kill rate, fifty-four percent, wasn’t anything that could be considered a certainty.

Nova Uniao

Nova Uniao has transformed young Brazilians from the favelas into elite prizefighters, such as Jose Aldo, the former WEC and UFC Featherweight Champion, and Renan Barao, the former UFC Bantamweight Champion. 161 students from the South American stable stepped into the cage and 101 followed the strategy to the winner’s circle. Since sixty-two percent of those from Nova Uniao were victorious, the method to their madness was somewhat validated.

TAM now resides in a more spacious facility in Sacramento’s mid-town; therefore, the room, until all 20,000 square-feet fills to capacity, allows for many more hopeful mixed martial artists, from near and far, to spread their competitive wings with some of the best coaching on the planet.


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