Mike Tubera: A Busy 2018 Starts at 209 Beatdown 4

Mike Tubera entered MMA’s amateur ranks in 2012, and after a busy couple of years, amassing a record of 7-4, an injury pumped the brakes on his ability to compete. Tubera sat on the sidelines for nearly two years, and his return to the cage in 2016, in retrospect, may have been a bit too soon because his health wasn’t at full capacity.

When Tubera visited MMA Pixels (link here), a podcast based in Tubera’s backyard of Modesto, California, he discussed his close to 2017, a thirty-six-second submission at War Fighting Championships 1, and start to 2018, on January 6th, in a clash against Nigel Archer at 209 Beatdown 4 for the 209 Beatdown Flyweight Title.


“It’s great. I’m at the gym a couple hours a day about five days a week, so I’m putting my time in. I’ll start getting more on my dieting as we get closer to the fight, being on a real strict diet.”


“Usually, [Tubera begins] a real strict diet: two weeks [before fight day], which is no carbs, no red meat, but I’ve already been dieting, just not that strict quite yet.”

Staying at Flyweight as A Pro

“I would still stay at the flyweight division. I like this weight; it’s right up my alley. It would be a lot easier for me to make the weight the day before, be able to rehydrate and replenish myself better. I think I’d be even stronger and a lot more technical at that weight class, especially after weighing-in at the day before weigh-ins.”

Staying Active

“There was a time when I first started MMA competitions, I was taking fights every month, back-to-back-to-back. Then, I got a really bad injury in 2015, and I took a fight that was way too soon. It didn’t go so well, so I decided to take some time, train, and properly recover. This was my last fight back since then—this last one here at War [FC]. I felt pretty good. I trained really hard, and I was really confident. I want to jump right back on that routine: fight every month or every other month and start knocking fights out and build up a record.”

Quick Finishes

“I was really looking forward to putting on a show for my family and friends. I’m from Modesto, and I had a lot of people here coming to support me. I wasn’t looking for something under a minute [at War FC 1]. I wanted to go out there and bang. Unfortunately, he took me down, and the opportunity was there. In this sport, you take what you can get, and then, you’ve got to get the W. Just to get in there for five-minutes or ten-minutes, it’s wild. My last fight was 36-seconds, and I would have liked to enjoy my time in there. I’d like to get the full experience out of it—all the way to the last bell.”

Getting In Work at Dynamic MMA

“Danny Oseguera, Raul Godinez; I’ve got a lot of guys close to my weight class. We’re pretty stacked up at 35 [135-pounds], and that really helps me because I’m a smaller guy in the room. They do a really good job of pushing me and building me up as far as strength and speed wise.”

209 Beatdown 4 and 2018

“I’m just really excited for this next fight, and, hopefully, around this time next year, I can start looking forward to my pro debut, if not sooner—depending on how the fights come and go. I’ve kind of got a pretty big record for the amateurs. Nowadays, amateurs are going pro after five or six fights, and they’re ready to go pro. At the amateur level, it’s sort of hard for me to find fights sometimes, which is why I’m really excited just to have a fight. It’s really cool to have 209 Beatdown just a couple cities over and the one [War FC] we had in Modesto. It’s nice having things close to home. I remember when I first started; I remember traveling. I would travel down to San Diego or Ukiah, Clear Lake, and nothing was ever close. It’s just nice to see how the sport is evolving and growing.”

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