Nick Maximov: FCFF’s 2017 Fastest Finish and Rookie of the Year

While honored several athletes and promotions with NorCal MMA’s 2017 year end awards, Nick Maximov (6-0), a student athlete currently in Chico, California, collected a couple calendar-closing accolades under the banner of an Oregon-based fight promotion: Full Contact Fighting Federation (FCFF).

When school was out for summer, Maximov hit—and submitted—people, instead of the books. A half a dozen, both at 185 and 205-pounds, filled his win column between June and September.

Not only was Maximov a recipient of FCFF’s Best of 2017: Rookie of the Year and Fastest Finish of the Year, he was also a nominee for NorCal MMA’s 2017 Submission of the Year. The triangle choke selected to appear on NorCal MMA’s 2017 ballot occurred at 209 559 Fights 58 against Bako Ambonisye (shown below), though it was a carbon copy constriction of Nick Davis at 209 Beatdown 3, which took place the following week. Four more weeks in the future, he neared the end of his summer tour in a dog fight with Albert Gonzalez for the vacant 559 Fights Middleweight Title.

Before Maximov returned to the college wrestling mats and studies in the fall, the native Oregonian visited his neck of the woods and planted his flag in the 205-pound title at Rumble at the Roseland 94. Maximov seamlessly transitioned from the ground to the feet, standing toe-to-toefor a total of nine-secondswith Aaron Lopez; thereby, claiming the championship and solidifying a place in the memories of FCFF’s head honchos. As 2017 dwindled away, the young MMA prodigy was one, of two, amateur fighters honored in multiple categories.









The summer of 2018 should send a shiver down the spine of middleweights and light heavyweights, up and down the west coast, alike.


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