Geoff Quares is bringing the sport of Muay Thai to UFC Fight Pass

Geoff Quares and the elves at UFC Fight Pass have a special gift for combat sports fans across the globe on December 20th. Muay Thai action is coming to UFC fight pass under Triumphant Combat Sports with a show entitled: Triumphant 2. Quares is President and CEO of Triumphant, and he founded the promotion, which is based in Northern California, in May of 2017. His first event was held on September 29th at the Grand Resort & Casino in the Bay Area.    

Quares recently spoke with MMA Junkie Radio (link here), regarding his experience with UFC personnel and Dana White. When discussing his vision, Quares said, “I want to do for Muay Thai what you [White] did for MMA”. UFC looked into his previous events and the talent he showcased, and his body of work spoke for itself.  Triumphant’s inaugural event was a huge success. It’s no surprise that the UFC has partnered with Quares. Quares plans to stick with traditional Muay Thai rules and would like to see the same rule set used across the board throughout the entire country. Traditions such as the “Wai Kru” ceremony will be performed by both the co-main and main events. The other fighters will be performing a ceremony called “ceiling the ring” to pay respect to the coaches, teams, and their opponent. 

If you’ve never seen the ceremonies performed and the music played during Muay Thai fights, then you are in for a real treat. Don’t forget the date! Come out to the Pleasanton Fairgrounds on December 15th or check out UFC Fight Pass on December 20th for limb-flying action.


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