Benito ‘Golden Boy’ Lopez Lights Up Albert Morales and Twitter at UFC Fight Night 123

When Benito ‘Golden Boy’ Lopez showcased his flashy striking at UFC Fight Night 123, those interacting with the action of his UFC debut against Albert ‘The Warrior’ Morales on Twitter caused the Internet to glow with excitement about the potential future of this young, bantamweight prospect out of Team Alpha Male.

Lopez and Morales were charged with lighting the fuse to Fresno’s main card, and each California native fired an explosive attack at one another. Eyes widened and mouths grew agape at the damaging output produced by both corners after only seconds melted from the clock.

Though it’s impossible to know how the UFC’s head honchos will decide performance bonuses when the curtain on an event pulls shut, individuals living in MMA’s Twitterverse believed Lopez and Morales had entered their names in the running after a five-minute frenzy.

When Lopez and Morales returned to their stools between rounds, everyone inched toward the edge of their seat, awaiting another barrage of wild exchanges.

Calculated madness for the remainder of the contest appeared ill-advised to some; however, others were hypnotized by the FOX Sports 1 broadcast:

Following fifteen-minutes of mind-altering violence, the judges rendered their decision, which unanimously favored Lopez.

Of course, the records of Lopez and Morales will denote: ‘Golden Boy’ continued to shine among the unbeaten; whereas, ‘The Warrior’ found himself on the wrong end of another decision, but, in all honesty, nobody loses when such a beautiful display of heart and tenacity pixelates across the screen.

Riding the early wake of an unforgettable debut, people were already clamoring for Lopez’s next visit tot he cage:


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