Nate Diaz: 209 Reasons to Remain in the UFC, But The UFC Can’t Offer Him One

As rumors began to swell about a possible return of Nate Diaz to close 2017, the MMA bubble nearly popped with joy.

Whether the Caesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu ace was scheduled for a trilogy with Conor McGregor or facing Tyron Woodley for the UFC Welterweight Title, a ravenous cult-like following waited with baited breath for an announcement of Diaz’s placement, regardless of the opponent, as a feature attraction at UFC 219.

The UFC’s President, Dana White, attempted to squash the rumors of Diaz being offered a title fight against the reigning 170-pound champ, but he countered with a ‘Stockton Slap’ of reality on his Instagram:

Instead of rolling around in a petty back-and-forth to acquire the payday Diaz believes he deserves with the blockbuster MMA promotion, the Northern California native has opted to depart the UFC and transfer his talents to the boxing ring, as shared in a recent Tweet:


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