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Back-and-forth with blood, bent bones, and unfathomable amounts brutality between the bells: all the necessary ingredients to cook up a Fight of the Night. MMA, just as other sports, is predicated on wins and losses, but a performance deemed ‘Fight of the Night,’ regardless of whose hand is raised in victory, means: nobody loses.

NorCal MMA, at, selected several bouts from 2017’s calendar year showcasing scraps that caused audiences to cover their faces in horror, while simultaneously being unable to pull their stare away from the gaps in their fingers. After reviewing each choice, connect to a survey (located at the bottom of this article) and vote for which war you believe deserves to be awarded: NorCal MMA’s 2017 Fight of the Year.

Carlos Figueroa vs. Josh Dim at The Titans Cage 16

Carlos Figueroa and Josh Dim wrote a historic tale of two rounds at The Titans Cage 16. At the referee’s orders, Dim ripped from his corner with the force of a hurricane. Figueroa remained calm and peppered Dim in the eye of his own storm. As the first-round closed, the tide had shifted in Figueroa’s favor. Speed, accuracy, and an endless gas tank allowed Figueroa to slam the accelerator in the second-round, collide into Dim with an unparalleled level of horsepower, and leave him stranded against the side of the cage. No matter which side of the fence you were on for this featherweight affair, it was likely you were drawn closer to the edge of your seat.

Cody Gutierrez vs. Ryan Patrick at NorCal Fight Series 5

Cody Gutierrez and Ryan Patrick transformed the Metro City Soccer Complex at NorCal Fight Series 5 into the home of the living dead. It appeared Gutierrez would pummel Patrick into an early grave, except Patrick rose from the ashes and nearly buried Gutierrez with a single swing of his club-like right hand. Though Gutierrez was staggered to conclude the round, he gathered as many wits as possible to return for the middle frame, which, at first, didn’t bode so well. Patrick dropped Gutierrez after the hum of the bell faded, though, somehow, Gutierrez not only survived Patrick’s melee, but he soon dished out considerable punishment of his own. A swarming combination from Gutierrez in the final few ticks of the second sent Patrick back to his stool showing signs of defeat. Gutierrez pounced on Patrick without a moment’s hesitation in the third, and his carnal scream of victory followed thereafter.

Matt Wagy vs. Ty Costa at West Coast Fighting Championship 18

Matt Wagy and Ty Costa used one another as a punching bag at West Coast Fighting Championship 18. When all three rounds burned from the clock, the judges’ scorecards pointed unanimously in the direction of Wagy, but if the match was based solely on cheers produced, it would have been a draw. The screams of onlookers was the only thing drowning out the meaty thuds from strikes connected by both Wagy and Costa. Whether on the ground or standing toe-to-toe, these featherweights highlighted how difficult it can be to rise the ranks as mixed martial artists in Northern California’s prospering scene.

Follow the link provided,, to vote for which pair you believe should earn NorCal MMA’s 2017 Fight of the Year.


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