Vote to Decide NorCal MMA’s 2017 Knockout of the Year

Few things in combat sports pumps the blood of its patrons harder than a jaw-dropping knockout. Over the course of 2017, a collection of the region’s heaviest hitters powered down the nervous system of their opposition, which, in turn, spiked the energy levels inside venues across Northern California and the Central Valley.

NorCal MMA, at, selected a collection of finishes throughout the year where mixed martial artists demonstrated an uncanny ability to turn their opposition into a corpse with a singular blow. After reviewing each choice, connect to a survey (located at the bottom of this article) and vote for which knockout you believe deserves to be awarded: NorCal MMA’s 2017 Knockout of the Year.

Isaiah Rocha at 559 Fights 59

Isaiah Rocha’s left hand must be laced with lead, as it leveled the man in the blue tape at 559 Fight 59. This emphatic victory allowed Rocha to maintain his undefeated record and capped the bantamweight prospect’s third straight KO in the first-round.

Anthony Howard at Izmatik Fighting Championship 1

Anthony ‘Homicide’ Howard and his adversary entered Izmatik FC 1 with bad blood boiling between one another, but the naturally statured strawweight, who is forced to compete amongst flyweights, showed the ice in his veins by freezing his rival in his tracks with a left hand that would have stopped a super heavyweight.

Kaleio Romero at Epic Fighting 35

‘KO’ Kaleio Romero transformed San Diego into Suplex City at Epic Fighting 35. Earlier in Romero’s amateur stint, he flatlined the opposing corner with punches, claiming his knockout nickname, but the lifelong wrestler added to his mystique of putting others to sleep after hoisting a similarly weighted human into the heavens with an immaculate suplex and sending them into a deep slumber.

Luke Folkens at NorCal Fight Series 5

Once Luke Folkens found his range at NorCal Fight Series 5, he punctuated an end to the contest in exclamatory fashion. In a set of three unanswered strikes, Folkens wobbled, dropped, and turned the lights out on the 185-pound challenger placed before him.

Aaron Pico at Bellator 183

Aaron Pico placed his undesirable Bellator debut in the rearview mirror after connecting with a left hook that sent his opponent into la-la land. With a rich background in wrestling, the MMA rookie revealed a well-roundedness versatility to his game at Bellator 183.

Tyler Diamond at Global Knockout 9

Tyler Diamond reduced seven times the experience to a non-issue after folding a veteran of the sport in half at Global Knockout 9. Diamond, a Division-1 wrestler, has seamlessly transitioned to the art of striking, which makes him a deadly threat to anyone at 145-pounds.

Chris Burton at 209 Beatdown 2

In front of his hometown Stockton crowd, Chris ‘Cross’ Burton struck with the cunning of a viper when poisoning the the consciousness of his foe with an overhand right at 209 Beatdown 2.

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