Twitter Reacts to a Gorgeous KO from Justin Willis at #UFC218

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Justin ‘Big Pretty’ Willis pinned Allen Crowder’s carcass against the wall—before falling like a heap to the canvas—to prove his place amongst the world’s elite heavyweights.

Willis and Crowder lit the fuse to UFC 218 as the opening bout of the evening, and shortly into the first-round, ‘Big Pretty’ mangled Crowder’s face with a beautiful set of punches, while he remained unscathed in his two and half minutes of handiwork. Over the short span of time, Twitter lit up like a pyrotechnic display:

After only several ticks into the tilt, the tide swiftly swayed in Willis’ favor:

Crowder, a proven commodity at heavyweight, was able to stave off his demise for just a short while longer, but the ugly truth of his UFC debut was: the end drew near.

Overcome with emotion, Willis’ post-fight interview turned the heads of everyone tuned into UFC Fight Pass when he orated where he belongs amongst the UFC’s big boys, in addition to sharing props to his wingman: Dwight Grant, a welterweight teammate at AKA.

Even backstage, Willis maintained his stunning appeal, putting everyone with a robust frame on notice:


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