NorCal MMA’s Preview of The Titans Cage 17

Northern California’s flock of die-hard MMA devotees won’t want to miss the docket drawn up by the front office of The Titans Cage (TTC) for their year-end show: TTC 17.

On December 2, 2017, the all-amateur promotion plans to refill everyone’s prescription for intense competition inside the McClellan conference Center. Not only will TTC showcase many of the brightest prospects throughout the region, but their collaboration with the United States Fight League (USFL) invites young practitioners of mixed martial arts, following the strict guidelines set forth by Pankration, into the cage.

According to (link here), TTC 17’s fight card will feature:

Samuel Romero vs. Raymond Lopez in the welterweight division

Brandon Olson vs. Julius Wright in the lightweight division

Luke Brewer vs. Jonathan Hughes in the light heavyweight division

Kaleigh Burrage vs. Laura Anderson in the flyweight division

Tyler Escoto vs. Jess Bluth in the welterweight division

Justin Burrage vs. John Wilson in the welterweight division

Kyle Koontz vs. Peter Ishiguro in the featherweight division

Alan Benson vs. Edward Egan in the middleweight division

Cornelius Savage vs. Alika Foster in the middleweight division

Kyle Ferguson vs. Dzhamshed Sanginov in the featherweight division

Craig Solesbee vs. Akim Yucel in the middleweight division

Christopher Gonzalez vs. David Ruezga in the welterweight division

Andrew Meckley vs. Ian Masloff in the bantamweight division

Brad Renton vs. William Hoban in the featherweight division

Elshell Bertus vs. Daniel Allen in the welterweight division

Leo Soulett vs. Diego Zuria in the middleweight division

Jeslen Mishelle vs. Marcie Villalpando in the flyweight division

Brian Lenau vs. Jason Fonzi in the super heavyweight division

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