Vote to Decide NorCal MMA’s 2017 Submission of the Year

Over the course of 2017, MMA fanatics across California brought their hands together with enthusiasm after witnessing the hand of a mixed martial artist, who was wrangled in the death-grip of another, slap a canvas to signal their submission.

NorCal MMA, at, selected a collection of finishes throughout the year where fighters displayed the predatorial finesse of a constrictor. After reviewing each choice, connect to a survey (located at the bottom of this article) and vote for which submission you believe deserves to be awarded: NorCal MMA’s 2017 Submission of the Year.

Nick Maximov

Nick Maximov shaped himself into a contender amongst the middleweight division’s amateur ranks when latching a triangle around the neck of his opponent at 559 Fights 58.

Emilio Horta

Emilio Horta earned the 559 Fights Lightweight Title after tripping his opponent into a position of vulnerability at 559 Fights 58. The moment a neck was exposed to Horta, he attempted to detach his opponent’s head from it with a vicious guillotine.

Robert Davis

At 209 Beatdown 2, Robert Davis dominated in every position on the ground until locating an arm to mangle, forcing his opposition to concede with a creative arm bar.

Gabriel Dolce-Pacheco

After some circling the cage at The Titans Cage 16, Gabriel Dolce-Pacheco took the contest squarely in his favor by dropping his opponent with a concussive strike before cinching on an inescapable triangle.

Tyler Diamond

Tyler Diamond doesn’t need to bark; he’d prefer to be locked in a cage and boast his bite. While challenging for the 145-pound title at GKO 11, Diamond secured a bulldog choke to become the featherweight division’s ‘Best in Show’ in Northern California.

Anthony Hernandez

Five professional victories and no defeats in the books, Anthony Hernandez has utilized his patented guillotine for four of those wins. In Hernandez’s last appearance to the office, GKO 9, he reminded everyone of his unique strangulation capabilities.

Follow the link provide,, to vote for which submission you believe should earn NorCal MMA’s 2017 Submission of the Year.


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  1. Robert Davis had the best submission in my opinion. That literally came out of nowhere and is not a common way to submit someone when everybody is watching for a rear naked choke.

  2. Gabriel Dolce Pacheco!!!!!!!! Truly the best, tries his hardest puts pure love an passion into his game!!!!! So respected an a real threat to anyone that choses to get in a cage with His kill or be killed mentally!!!! So do ur homework if u think ur with it this man is no joke!!!!!!!! Proud of u G!!!!!!!

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